Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 9

Meanwhile, I prayed for a Sikh lady at The Grand hotel who is in the last stages of cancer.  The cancer has spread from her lungs to various parts of her body including her bones.  Her bones have become so brittle that they have begun to crack.  Her son-in-law saw us at Priya last week or before that.  I shared our testimony with the lady and her husband.  Then we began to pray.  The lady was in a lot of pain in her legs.  We prayed and the pain left.  Then she said that she had hurt her back.  She had heard a cracking noise and wasn’t sure if she had cracked a bone, but the pain was almost unbearable.  After a short prayer, that pain was gone as well.  Then we prayed for her collarbone.  Her collarbone recently spontaneously cracked.  As we prayed, the pain subsided there as well.  The lady began to smile.  Her husband said, “I can tell that she has less pain because she looks happy all of a sudden.”

As soon as we arrived at Priya, people began coming for prayer.  First we prayed for a little girl who gets headaches when she goes to school.  Then, a man who was having a headache came for prayer.  As we prayed for him, the pain left.  After that, people continuously kept coming for prayer.  What I really enjoy is when people come by to tell us testimonies.  One man said he got prayer about 2 weeks ago.  He said he used to be unable to concentrate on his work.  After prayer he said that there was a “considerable” difference in his concentration level.  Another young man said he had had back pain that the Lord completely healed.  Another used to have heartburn that was gone.  Yet another came for a second round of prayer.  He coughs up blood and has some other problems the doctors have been unable to cure.  He said that he has felt a difference in his health.  I think although he is still coughing in the mornings and evenings, he is not coughing up blood now and the frequency has decreased.

Today we prayed for bad ears (Anu didi prayed for one and Judes and I prayed for another and in both cases they felt an improvement), aches and pains (among others, a man with foot pain for three years due to an accident was completely healed as was a young man with back pain for three months), job situations, anger management, family peace, and other needs.  Many felt the healing touch of Jesus. 

There was an interesting incident with a drunk guy.  But, praise God He gave me the wisdom on how to deal with it.  My biggest problem is that I am a little dense and cannot tell someone is drunk until pretty far into the conversation!

After prayer, we had Bible study.  It was just supposed to be Judes, Vincent and me.  But, Judes’ brother, Andrew, joined us.  Also the man who had gotten prayer in the beginning for his headache joined us.  Then two other men, one who is studying for a PhD in astrology, joined us.  We did a study on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

As we were leaving, an elderly man asked for prayer.  He owns a food stall at the marketplace.  His son has gotten prayer in the past and the Lord I believe has worked in him.

As we were waiting for our food at McDonalds, one of the security guards came up to me and said that he is lost and searching.  He said that ever since he had an accident, he has an emptiness in his side.  We prayed for that.  But, I felt that more than anything else, he has an emptiness inside.  I gave him a copy of our testimony.  I told him that I would give him a copy of a short Bible summary next time if he was interested, but he grabbed it then and said he was interested.

Soon, again a small crowd began to gather.  But, we needed to leave, so we scooted away.

Next week will be our last outreach at Priya until we return from the US.  And then, who knows what God’s plans will be for us upon His return.

Scripture for the Day:
Most assuredly, I say unto you, a servant is not greater than his master; nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent him.  John 13:16.

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