Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 8

At Priya, as we were waiting, two ladies came up to me.  They said that they had seen us many times before but had not had the courage to come up to us.  They asked what we were doing.  We said we were simply praying in the name of Jesus.  One of the ladies had back pain, spondylitis, cervical pain, high blood pressure and other problems.  As we prayed for her, you could tell there was some difference, but she seemed hesitant to admit it.  However, she asked us for a copy of our testimony and said she was very interested in Jesus because of her upbringing in a Christian school.

As we were roaming some more, other people began coming up to us.  In the past we had not prayed for many young women, but today it seemed like a lot of young women were coming up for prayer.  One girl, she came up with a cigarette in one hand and an ace bandage on the other.  She inquired about what we were doing.  As I was telling her, I offered to pray for her hand.  She was a little taken aback, but she agreed.  She said she felt the pain reduce as we prayed.  She was shocked.  But, at the same time, she was conscious of the fact that everyone was watching her, so she left.  However, about 45 minutes later, she returned and asked if we could pray about a family situation.  I told her we could.  So, we prayed that her relationship would improve with her father.

A man who had earlier gotten prayer for release from tension came and testified that the Lord had really relieved him of his stress.  He specially called his elderly parents for prayer.  As Mom and Anu Didi prayed for them, their pains left.

As we were praying for the various ones, a young guy came and handed me a little bouquet of flowers from behind.  I couldn’t see him, but he seemed very young.  It was very sweet.

God healed many people of a variety of ailments.  The policeman who had gotten prayer a few weeks ago for a hand that had been in a caste came for additional prayer.  He said that he had pain that was not leaving.  As we prayed, the pain left.  He kept moving his hand, telling those around himself that it was a miracle that he was able to move his hand without any pain.

A man had come for prayer last week who said he has lost everything (like Job).  My sister and Mom had told him to try trusting in Jesus, and He would restore.  The man came and told my sister and Mom that he was noticing a positive difference in his life since the day he got prayer.

We wound prayer up a little after 8:00 PM.  Then, we began our first youth group meeting.  Judes and Vincent were our only two members for the youth group.  For the first meeting, I shared my testimony and had them shares theirs as well.  We just tried to get to know one another.  Repeatedly in the middle, people interrupted us, asking for prayer.  Vincent testified how we had prayed for a new job for him and God had provided.  It was a miracle because he was not fully qualified for the job (he doesn’t have a 12th grade graduation certificate), but they still hired him.

At the end, I asked Vincent to pray for Judes headache.  Judes said he had been having a headache for 2 days.  As Vincent prayed, Judes felt the headache immediately leave.  Then, I had Judes pray for Vincent’s side pain.  The Lord healed that as well.

Scripture for the Day:
And He said to him, “Arise, go your way.  Your faith has made you well.”  Luke 17:19.

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