Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 6

Then in the afternoon, Roma Bhabhi’s sister (Kavita Aunty), niece (Shilpi) and the sister’s sister-in-law (Meena Aunty) came for prayer.  Kavita Aunty had a chronic stomach problem.  We prayed for her healing (later I found out she was completely healed that day).  Shilpi wanted prayer for her future and for her eyes.  Meena Aunty has a lot of depression and other issues.  As we prayed for her, she felt a little release.

Mr. Singh also came for prayer.  He is feeling a difference in his back and only a slight difference in his leg.  The neighbor with poor vision came for prayer.  Whenever he comes for prayer, he feels the power of God healing him.  He says the moment he steps into our house and sits down, he feels better.

My nephew Sunny came to spend a few days with me.  We stayed up late talking and catching up.   

On Tuesday, Suvneet and Sunny joined us for our outreaches.  On the way to the Ashram slum, we stopped by our driver’s home to pray for his wife and a neighbor.  His wife was experiencing back pain.  As we prayed, she felt the pain leave.  The neighbor, Geeta, was experiencing pain in her legs.  The pain left as we prayed.  At the slum4 many kids gather and prayed with us.  As we were about to leave, I saw a woman whose entire face seemed to be burned off.  I smiled her at her and asked her if she wanted prayer.  She seemed to be surprised that I would take the time to talk to her.  But, she became very excited.  She personally got prayer, and ran home and got her child for prayer as well.We then had some time, so we decided to go to The Grand hotel to sit in the lobby and do a short Bible study.  But, when we arrived there, we realized that India Fashion week was going on.  The place was swarming with models, fashion designs, media and wanna-bes.  We did our Bible study sitting off to one side, but also looked around to spot famous personalities.  We saw some models and two designers, Rohit Bal and Deepika Genghani. 

Then we went to the Priya marketplace.  There, we started by pulling the children aside and sharing our testimony with them.  Then we prayed for their various needs.  As we were praying, a man came up to us.  He told us that he was Roman Catholic.  He asked us to pray that he would stop smoking.  Later, as we began to pray, a crowd gathered.  We saw many miracles as usual.  But, today was what was unusual was that many people were filled with the Holy Spirit.  First, Mom prayed with a man who was a Sikh convert.  He prayed for and started speaking in tongues.  Then he brought a friend of his.  The friend was skeptical, but tried praying and also started speaking in tongues.  Later, a third man who was from an Assemblies of god background, but an alcoholic, came for prayer and prayed to received the Holy Spirit.

As we were leaving, one of the little kids, Saddam, came up to me and gave me some flowers.  It was so sweet.Scripture for the Day:
Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days.  Proverbs 19:20.

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