Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 5

Later, Babli bhabhi came for Bible study with Mom.  Bhabhi is very happy.  She has experienced the healing power of God in may ways.  He has healed her of insomnia, a cervical problem and high blood pressure.  She says that day by day her faith is growing.  She tries not to miss a Monday prayer meeting.  As soon as she left, Kalpna and Shikha came for Bible study.  We did a Bible study on decision making, which was basically Sunday’s sermon.  Kalpna had some pain in her body.  As we prayed, the Lord healed her.

In the evening, I was exhausted and fell asleep.  But, Mom prayed with two of my cousins for deliverance.

Today, again we had a busy day.  We went to Badarpur to pray with Mr. Sharma, to the slum near Ashram, to a home to pray for a lady with knee problems, to visit a friend, and to the Priya marketplace.  At Badarpur, we prayed with Mr. Sharma, the man with ear and eye problems.  He said that although he is not noticing a difference in his ears, he is noticing a difference in his eyes after prayer. 

Then, we went to the slum.  There a good number of kids gathered.  We spent time singing songs.  The kids really seem to enjoy that.  Not many people came for prayer.  But, a few did come.  One lady has started coming every time for prayer.  She has a brother who lives in the village who has cancer.  He has been to many doctors who are unable to do anything for him.  She said he is dying at home.  He doesn’t eat or drink.  The cancer is on his face.  We prayed for him.  We also prayed for a family where all of the children seem to get unbearable pains in the evening.  Their hands and feet begin to ache and they cry out in pain.  As we were leaving, the boy that mom tutors decided to come and meet me.  Because he has polio, he had to put on his leg braces and come out.  That took some time, but he was excited to come.  We prayed for him.

Next, we went to Sunny’s friend’s house.  His friend’s aunt has severe knee pain.  The doctors have said she needs surgery.  As we prayed for her, she said the pain completely left.  The aunt’s daughter in law also has some unexplainable pains.  Right now they are going to a Hindu priest for a series of six “treatments.”  If that doesn’t work, they may come to Faridabad and have us pray for her. 

Next we made a quick stop at Ravi’s place to drop off his wedding gift before heading to the Priya marketplace.  At the Priya marketplace, today, we thought we would spend just a little bit of time, but we ended up praying for approximately three hours!  But, the Lord performed many miracles.  Many of the miracles were healing from long term pains.  People would come saying they had had chronic pain for years.  They would leave amazed that Jesus healed their pain in just seconds.  I will just describe a couple of the miracles that stand out in my mind.  One was a man who had a knee problem.  He had pain and stiffness in one knee.  Mom prayed with him and slowly the pain completely left.  The man was hesitant to believe in the miracle.  But, he couldn’t deny it.  But, then he bent and straightened his knee.  He said, “My other knee makes a ‘crick’ sound when I bend and straighten it.  This one doesn’t.  It should make the same sound.”  So mom prayed that his knee would make the “crick” sound.  And sure enough, after prayer, when he bent and straightened his knee, the “crick” sound was there.

There was another lady who came for prayer for her eyes.  She had weak vision in one eye and almost no vision in the other eye.  She wanted her blind eye to be healed.  As we prayed, nothing seemed to be happening.  But then I felt the Lord tell me that he first wanted to heal her weak eye.  I told her this.  She said she didn’t want the weak eye healed.  She only wanted the blind eye healed.  I told her that she could receive both.  But, she needed to let God work in the way He wanted to work.  But, she didn’t seem to want to understand.  Her family tried to help her understand, but she didn’t want to.  However, we prayed, and sure enough she began to feel a difference in her weak eye.  The Lord was healing it.  But, she still said she didn’t want the healing in that eye.  It was only the other eye she was concerned with!

Scripture for the Day:
Be diligent to present yourself approved to god, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  2 Timothy 2:15

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