Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 4

In the afternoon Puneet came for Bible study.  He has really been seeing the Lord bless his work in amazing ways.  He is doing a small side business and as he puts it in the Lord’s hands, he is seeing great increase.  Praise God!

Vinod, Golu and Nahim came for Bible study.  I am amazed at their commitment.  You would think that most children wouldn’t voluntarily come to study in their free time.  No one compels them to come.  We offer them no incentive.  But, yet, religiously they show up for tuition almost on a daily basis.  As they are learning, I think their confidence level is also increasing.  They are realizing that they truly are intelligent, despite what anyone may have told them in the past.

In the evening, the driver, Khan Bhaiya, told me that he has extreme chronic pain in his hand.  He said if even a small child shakes his hand, he feels like he is going to die.  The pain is so intense.  So, sitting in the car, we started to pray.  And to both our amazement, the Lord began to do a miracle.  The pain slowly began to subside.  In a matter of minutes, the pain was completely gone.  Khan Bhaiya began to praise Jesus.  He kept pressing his hand in all different ways.  There was no pain!

Today we had our weekly day of ministry in Delhi.  We started the day by stopping in Badarpur.  There, we prayed for Mr. Sharma.  We prayed for both his ears and his eyes.  Although he didn’t notice a difference in his ears, he said that last time we had prayed, his eye condition had improved.  He said he had constant pain, watering and stinging in his eyes that was completely healed for a day or so after prayer.  Then the pain had returned.  So, we prayed that the Lord would finish the miracle He had started.

We were running late, so we arrived at the Ashram slum during lunch time.  Because of that, although the children gathered for a time of worship and prayer, not many adults came for prayer.  It seems that they have started a women’s reading class at the same time as we are there on Tuesdays.  So, many of the women who used to come for prayer now go there.  We will need to adjust our timing for the slum.

After prayer at the slum, we met a little boy, Mohin, at the Oberoi Hotel lobby.  I prayed with him a few days ago on his birthday.  He has a growth on his neck.  On his birthday, when we prayed over the phone, he had felt the growth shrink a bit.  So, he wanted to meet in person.  So, we prayed with him.  He felt the growth shrink more.  I told his dad that they should call on a daily basis for prayer.  If the Lord has started shrinking the growth, the Lord will finish the miracle.  We just need to keep “knocking.”

Next, we were about to go pray for a lady with kidney failure, but then got a call from the daughter of a lady who is dying on cancer.  The lady herself doesn’t believe in prayer or God, but the daughter wants prayer.  We prayed earlier for the lady, at the daughter’s request, a few weeks back, and the lady had felt much much better.  But, still, the lady was unwilling to believe.  So, we went to pray for the lady…however, she was resistant to prayer.  I pray the Lord will work in her.  We asked her family to encourage her to believe that she can be healed.  It seems she has given up on life.   The doctors have sent her home to die.

Finally, in the evening, we went to the Priya marketplace.  The kids came and started getting prayer for their various needs.  Puneet was with us.  As the adults started to gather also, they began telling the kids to move.  One of the kids looked at the man and said, “She is our sister, isn’t she?  So, we can stay!” 

As we prayed for different people, the Lord did miracles.  Nirmal, a young man who had received prayer for a three year old slipped disc problem came back for prayer.  He said he was much better, but still had a bit of pain.  As we prayed, the pain disappeared.  Many people came for prayer to get release from depression.  It was amazing, as we would pray would them, they would feel a joy and the heaviness leave them.  One many commented, “Magic touch!”  A policeman we had prayed for just last Thursday for a fracture in his hand came for prayer.  He said he was healed, even the cast had been removed!  He had a little bit of pain left, which left after prayer.

There were so many miracles, as usual, that it is hard to remember them all.  But, all I can say is:  God is good…all the time!

Scripture for the Day:
The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.  Proverbs 15:3.

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