Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 2

I am a bit disappointed in the Indian education system.  It seems that children learn how to memorize, but they are not being taught the concepts behind what they are learning.  For example, Nahim can read his text book because he has memorized it.  However, he cannot read any other book, because he doesn’t recognize all of the Hindi alphabet.  He can read some of the letters and guesses at the others.  So, we are trying to teach him the basics.    

My cousin’s wife, Babli bhabhi also came over for prayer with Mom.  She is still amazed at the fact that the Lord completely healed her cervical problem (extreme neck pain).  He also has healed her high blood pressure.  But on Monday she told Mom that she also finds it almost impossible to sleep.  She just can’t sleep at night.  Mom offered to pray.  “That won’t work will it?” Bhabhi asked in disbelief.  Mom insured her that Jesus can even heal her sleeping issues.  So they prayed.

Today Mom spoke with Babli Bhabhi.  She said that the Lord performed a miracle.  She said that she began to pray as Mom had said, and within minutes she was fast asleep.  Then she woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, but was able to fall asleep again.  The next morning her husband told her that he woke up at around 4 AM and she was fast asleep…even snoring! 

Today was an amazing day, similar to last Tuesday.  I think Tuesday is getting to be my favorite day of the week, because we get to go on ministry trips and see the Lord move.  It is such a privilege to have opportunity to observe the Lord do His thing, and bring smiles to the faces of hurting people.

My cousins’ son, Puneet, joined us for the ministry trip.  Our first stop was the Badarpur Thermal Power Station.  There we met up with Sunny again.  We prayed for two of Sunny’s friends, Kunal and Rammniq.  Rammniq’s mother has cancer.  We prayed that the Lord will heal her.  Later in the day I got a call that Rammniq called her mom on the phone and found out that after we prayed, her mother’s pain was reduced.  Praise God!  We also prayed with a friend of Mr. Sharma.  He had a stomach problem.  As we prayed, he felt the discomfort in his stomach leave.  We prayed for Mr. Sharma’s ears again, but did not see much of a change.  But, as we were leaving, a man who had been observing everything asked Sunny what we were doing.  When Sunny told him that we were just prayed, the man asked for prayer.  He had chronic pain in his arm.  As we prayed, the pain immediately left.

So, we continued on to the slum in Delhi that we always go to on Tuesdays.  On the way, we regularly stop at a fast food restaurant.  Many weeks ago we had prayed for a guard there whose son was suffering from Jaundice.  The guard came up to us and said that God had heard our prayers.  He said that after prayer his son recovered so quickly from Jaundice that even the doctors were amazed at the speed of his recovery.

Then we proceeded on to the slum in Delhi.  Puneet and Sunny were with us.  Many children gathered to sing and hear God’s word.  At the slum, I shared with the children the story of David and Goliath.  The message was an abbreviated version of the Sunday message.  The children loved the story of David and Goliath.  I was surprised to see them listening so intently.  Afterwards, we prayed for those with needs.  It seems like a lot of the children in the slum are anemic.  Because of iron deficiency, many of the children lick dust or eat chalk.

After the meeting in the slum, we went to the house of the little girl who has been having seizures, who had come on Sunday.  She had had another seizure in the morning, but when I had prayed with her over the phone, the seizure had stopped.  As we were praying, Puneet felt like there was something pulling him to the NorthEast corner of the home.  When we asked what was in the NorthEast corner of the home, we learned the little girl’s room was there.  So, we went to her room and prayed for her there.  I asked the family to try to call every day for prayer until we are certain the little girl is healed. 

The little girl’s home was further away than we had anticipated.  So, by the time we got to the Priya PVR market for prayer, it was past 7:00 PM.  Mom had suggested not going, but I felt like we should stop by the market at least for a few minutes.  But, once we got there, the few minutes turned into a few hours.  Almost immediately people began to gather around us asking for prayer.  People were healed of headaches, backpain, arthritic pain, cervical pain, slip discs, hernias, spondylitis and other ailments.  One of my favorite healings was an old man who had broken his arm and the bone had healed crooked.  He was in extreme pain and could not properly move his wrist.  The man also had a broken toe.  As we prayed, he began to be able to bend his wrist and the pain from the broken toe left!  Another man has us pray for pain in his left elbow and because he was unable to lift his right arm past shoulder level.  The first time after prayer, he said that there was no difference.  But, we prayed again.  This time he was amazed that his elbow pain was gone.  We asked him to check the range of motion in his arm.  He began to lift his arm and lifted it all the way!  He began looking around in amazement, exclaiming to the people around him, “What has happened?!  I couldn’t lift my arm above my shoulder earlier and now it is lifting all the way!”

The most common prayer request today was for tension.  Many people had us pray that they would be tension free.

Finally, we decided to leave.  As we were leaving, Puneet ran into McDonalds to get us some dinner.  As mom and I were waiting outside, I looked around and saw a man smiling and staring at us.  I told mom, “That man is staring at us.”  Mom asked him, “Do you want prayer for something?”  He immediately responded in the affirmative.  He had pain in his arm and shoulder region.  As we began to pray, the pain began to leave his body. 

However, as we were praying, a big tall policeman came up to us.  “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Umm…we are just praying,” we replied, unsure of his motive for asking.

“Is this prayer really effective?” he continued to cross-examine us.

“You can see for yourself,” I replied, as mom and I continued to pray for the man with shoulder pain.  We prayed one or two more times with the man with shoulder pain, until the man declared that the pain was completely gone.  As he walked happily away, to go back to work, the policeman motion for us to follow him to his post.

“So, does this prayer thing work?” he questioned again.  

“You can try for yourself,” we responded.  “If you have any need, physical, financial, emotional, or otherwise, we would be happy to pray for you.  Then you can judge for yourself whether or not it is effective.”

A friend of the policeman, who runs a book stall, chimed in at the point stating, “My employee had them pray last time.  At first he wasn’t sure if anything had happened, but the next day, he knew that God had touched him and he has major relief from the problem he had been suffering from.”

The policeman said that he had back pain.  We began to pray that the Lord would heal his backpain.  After we were done praying, we asked the policeman if he felt any relief in the pain.  He said he did not.  But, then he began to giggle (a mischievous laugh, almost like when a little child is hiding something).  He began to ask questions about healing, such as, “So, when this healing happens, is it permanent?  The pain will never come back for my entire life?”

We asked the policeman if we could pray for him one more time.  He said, “Yes.  But the pain isn’t in my back.  I actually have a sciatic nerve problem.  So, the pain runs down my leg.”  So, we prayed again, this time for the sciatic nerve problem.  Again, after prayed we asked the policeman if the pain was less, more or the same.  Again he said there was no difference, and again he began to giggle again.  Then he said to his friend, “Now you get prayer.”

The friend had a back problem due to exercising.  As we prayed for him, he hesitantly told the policeman, “I am feeling a difference.  The pain is reducing.” 

Then the policeman said, “Well, I felt a difference too.” 

We continued to pray for the friend until his pain was completely healed.  Then the policeman asked us, “Can you pray for anything?”  He told us that because he stands so much, his calves get very soar.  He said that he has to soak his legs in warm water to get relief.  We told him that Jesus can healed even tiredness.  So, again we prayed for the policeman.  When we finished he giggled and said, “Surely you are doing something!”

He seemed amazed.  He asked, “What is your motive?”

We told him we have no motive.  We originally came to the market to just visit the slum kids.  People began asking for prayer, so we prayed with them.

The policeman replied, “Are you sure your motive isn’t that you want people to become dependant on you?  Whenever we have pains we will ask, ‘Where is that girl?  I need prayer for healing!’”

Scripture for the Day:
26 John answered them saying, “I baptize with water, but there stands One among you whom you do not know.  27 It is He who, coming after me, is preferred before me, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose.”  John 1:26-27.

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