Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 17

While I was sharing with Hakim, I got a call from Sapan, the car salesman who had taken us to the rich people’s house to pray for the man with terminal cancer.  He told me that the family had seen a difference in the man’s health.  So, they wanted us to come back again.  Praise God!

After that, I spent some time with my nephew.  He will be moving to Australia soon for higher studies, so this is one of the last times I will be seeing him.  It was kind of sad.  But at the same time, I am happy for him.  He will have a brighter future in front of him.

After lunch, we got dressed and went to the home of the man with cancer.  He was awake today and quite alert.  We prayed with him.

Then, we went to Delhi, to the Grand hotel.  Today is Thursday, so it is our day to go to the Priya Marketplace for ministry.  At the Grand hotel, we met a family for prayer.  It was totally God, how this family came.  Actually the family is the Aunt’s inlaws.  My Aunt was a widow and recently got married.  The wedding was very small, with only family in attendance.  We didn’t really get a chance to talk to the groom’s family much.  But, they saw us.  I guess a few weeks ago, a lady and her son had gotten prayer at Priya for the son’s anger problem.  The son was doing a lot better.  So, the lady had told her friend about it.  The friend happened to be one of the inlaws of my Aunt.  So, when she heard about a girl in a wheelchair and her mother praying for people, she guessed it had to be us!  So, they called and asked us if we pray.  We said yes, so they met us.  We shared our testimony and prayed for each of the family members for prayer.  There was an elderly couple as well as a younger lady and her two young adult kids.  I already received an email from them telling us that they want to meet again for prayer.  Praise God!

Then the lady with cancer came for prayer.  She is feeling much better.  DevAshish could not come because his father could not get out of work.

It has been raining off and on all day.  So, when we got to Priya, it was all wet.  The gate man at McDonalds came for prayer.  He asked me for another book about Jesus.  He had finished reading the book I had given him that was a summary of the Bible.  Next week I will give him a Bible.  We had some fries from McDonalds and then leisurely went to our prayer spot.  One man was waiting for us there.  As we prayed for him, a crowd gathered.  But, today was a little different.  We did not have quite as many people coming for prayer.  It was very different from last week when we did not even have a second to breathe.  Many came for prayer and got healed of various things.  One well-dressed man got prayer for sinuses and was amazed when he actually felt relief.  Another guy has been getting prayer for the past several weeks for birth defects and epilepsy.  He is feeling a difference in the frequency of his epileptic attacks.  Many with pain in their bodies felt the pain leave after prayer.  Mom and my sister had a chance to talk more in depth with a few of the guys there.  One guy took our testimony and a few minutes later, he returned, saying he wanted us to come to his college and share.  Another guy emailed me later in the night saying he was feeling very happy after prayer and wanted to receive the Holy Spirit.  One man came and testified that tests showed that he had been healed on diabetes.

After prayers were over, we had the youth meeting.  Those who attended were: Jasminder Bhaiya, Deep, Hemant, and Manoj.  Amit, Rakesh and a friend joined us a little later and stayed for just a bit.  We began by praying to receive the Holy Spirit.  Hemant received.  Deep began to speak more fluently, as did Jasminder bhaiya.  Then I had my sister share a little bit about how she heard God’s voice and became a missionary.  Repeatedly, in the middle of the message people came up for prayer.  One family brought a little boy Roshan for prayer.  He had not been eating or attending school.  He also had a pain in his head due to a fall a few days earlier.  I asked the boy if he had pain.  He said, “yes.”  After a simple prayer, the boy said the pain was gone.  Hemant was skeptical, so he asked the boy again, “Was there pain before.”  The boy nodded his head, “yes.”  Then Hemant asked, “Is there pain now?”  The boy shook his head, “no.”

During this time, Mom had a chance to share with a man who comes every week to get prayer for his rebellious son.  There is a marked difference in the son.  The man prayed and received the Holy Spirit.

There is so much more I could write, but I am too exhausted at this point in time.

Scripture for the Day:
Now I pray to God that you do no evil, not that we should appear approved, but that you should do what is honorable, though we may see disqualified.  II Corinthians

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