Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 12

Amit is bright kid.  He is little, but studying in the sixth grade.  His math skills are better than the rest of the kids.  He was actually able to do the speed tests in a reasonable amount of time, as opposed to the 10-15 minutes it takes the other kids do to the problems, it took Amit less than 5 minutes. 

All of the children are at different levels, so we have to give each boy individualized attention.  If they would only come regularly, I think we would be able to really help them.

We also went to Priya today.  Suvneet came with us.  But, as usual, we stopped at The Grand hotel before going to Priya.  At The Grand hotel, we prayed for a little boy named, DevAashish.  He is five and suffering from Thalessemia, a rare blood disease tht requires the boy to undergo blood transfusions once a month.  There is no cure for this disease.  We prayed with the boy and the parents argeed to try prayer for a month.  The lady with cancer also met us there for prayer.  We prayed for her again.  When we pray for her the pain subsides, but comes back again.  Mom noticed she had some sort of a charm around her neck.  When we inquired about it, she said someone at a temple put it around her neck.  We asked if she had noticed a difference since she had been wearing it.  She said, “no.”  So, we asked her to remove it.  We told her that if Jesus is healing her and she has not noticed a difference from the charm, then she needs to trust solely in Jesus and let him heal her.  We also prayed for the lady’s daughter, Simran.  She had weak eyesight.  As we prayed, she felt some difference.  She is going to come again on Sunday for additional prayer.

As we arrived at Priya, a little boy Sunny was waiting for us.  His father has been ill.  Sunny has been calling me almost every day to remind me that we need to pray for his father when we come to Priya.  His father has dizziness and fainting spells followed by high fevers and weakness.  He was feeling exceptionally miserable on Thursday.  But, as we laid hands on him and prayed, the Lord began to heal him.  By the time we had prayed for him four or five times, he was feeling perfectly normal.  (Praise Report: A little over a week later, Sunny called to tell me that his Dad was completely healed!)

As we prayed for Sunny’s father, a small crowd gathered.  People wanted to know what we were doing.  Then a young man with a swollen eye took the brave step of asking us to pray for him.  Looking at his swollen eye, I felt a little intimidated.  I knew that it was up to Jesus what happened, but I also knew that this was the test case.  If this young man was healed, people would begin to line up for prayer.  If he was not healed, everyone would leave.  We put it in the Lord’s hands and began to pray for the boy, Varun.  As we prayed, to his amazement and ours, the pain completely left. 

As I predicted, seeing the miracle, more people began to gather and step forward requesting prayed.  We prayed for people with all sorts of needs.  The Lord healed man of pains on the spot.  Some with tension felt the tension lift off of them.  A little girl, Rubina, had spilled hot tea on herself.  As we prayed, the pain completely left.

One man who claimed to be a pilot began arguing with us.  He began asking us how we could claim that people were being healed.  We told him we were not claiming anything.  We were simply praying and Jesus was healing them according to the people’s own testimonies.  The man said, “How do we know that all of these people are not just your relatives.”  We told him that he could ask the people or investigate further, as he wished.  He continued arguing until a little boy, Saddam brought his father for prayer.  Then the man went away, but lingered around telling people that we were “quacks.”

Some may have been deterred by his remarks, but many continued to come forward for prayer.  As the crowd thinned for a few moments, the Area Manager for PVR cinemas came by.  He said that he had been observing us for months.  He had never seen anything like what we were doing.  He had us pray for his thryroid problem.  He also gave us his card and said that if we ever wanted to watch a movie at PVR, it was on him! 

We continued to pray until about 7:45 PM.  Then, as we were deciding what to eat, some young men from the Northeast part of India greeted us.  I asked them if they wanted prayer.  They did.  After we prayed for them and a few others, we began to leave.  One of the young men said that he was a Christian but had not been going to church for several months, almost a year and a half.  Another boy said he was a Hindu, but his faith was in Jesus.  He wanted to believe in Jesus and go to church but his family would not let him.  I asked the boys if they would like to be a part of a youth group.  They said they would.  Next week we will start the youth group meetings again. 

Speaking of youth group, the boy Deep who had give his heart to Jesus the last time we came to Priya before going to the US came by today and said “hi.”  He wanted prayer but did not have time.  I will call him on Friday and see how he has been.

On the way home we stopped by The Grand hotel to use the restroom.  As we were leaving, one of the valets approached us.  He said he had heard about us.  He has a brother with kidney failure.  We prayed with him for a miracle.  The valet promised to bring his brother next week for prayer.   

Scripture for the Day:
God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne.  Psalm 47:8.

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