Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 11

As we were done sharing, we prayed with the boss and Rajni’s mom.  The boss lady needed prayer for peace and some family situations.  Rajni’s mother, had extremely weak eyesight.  She was wearing glasses.  She removed her glasses and told me, “I can’t see anything without these glasses.  It all looks blurry.”

We began to pray.  Although I have seen the Lord heal weak eyesight over and over again, I am still always apprehensive when praying for eyes.  I am always unsure whether the Lord will perform the miracle or not, because we haven’t see 100% results.  After prayer, I asked Rajni’s mother if she felt a difference.  She smiled and replied, “I can see.  It is so much clearer now.”  We continued to pray a few more times until she was seeing almost perfectly.  She was very happy and said she would never forget Jesus. 

“Are you really seeing more clearly?” the boss lady questioned Rajni’s mom. 

“Why would I lie to you?” Rajni’s mother responded matter-of-factly.

They promised to return again, perhaps on Wednesdays.

One of the lady’s who had come to a Wednesday night miracle meeting just before we left for the US called.  She said there was a marked difference in her knee pain.  She was very happy and had me pray for her son and daughter.

Amit, Sarika, Mahima, Vinod and Dharmendra showed up for tutoring.  Like Vinod, Dharmendra seems to really want to learn.  I am encouraging him to go back to school.  He has the opportunity because his mom actually wants him to study, as do his former teachers.  He is very bright.

We decided to go to Priya, the marketplace in Delhi where we pray for the sick.  Since we were going to Priya, I called the lady with cancer to see if she wanted prayer.  She lives not too far from there.  I had not heard from her since Sunday, so I wasn’t sure how she was doing or if she was interested.  When I called, she didn’t seem too interested in getting prayer.  I was a little surprised, but I gave it to the Lord.  A little while later, she called and wanted to meet for prayer.

As we were driving to Delhi, all of a sudden the weather changed.  The clouds darkened and the wind began to blow.  There was a major dust storm.  Then in began to rain.  The lady with cancer called and said that they had unexpected guests, so they would meet us at the marketplace instead of the hotel where we normally met. 

We decided that despite the rain we would make a quick stop at the Priya market at least to pray for the few people who had called, including the kids who pick up trash.  As we arrived at Priya, it was pouring rain.  The lady with cancer and her husband were there.  We had the lady remain in her car, as we prayed for her.  The cold rain felt good in the warm weather.  As we prayed, the lady felt the pain left.  But, she was afraid that the pain would return.  We told her to try get regular prayer three times a day regardless of whether there was pain or not.  Sometimes we just need to be soaked in prayer to receive a full and permanent healing.

After praying for the lady with cancer, we ventured into the marketplace.  The children came running when they saw us.  They were so excited.  We were so excited.  We prayed the various children and their aches and pains.  As we prayed the Lord healed them all.  We prayed for a man with back pain.  The Lord healed his back pain.  We prayed for another man who had pain.  The Lord healed him as well.

Because of the rain we had to stand under the shed, where we passed out cookies to the kids.  There were a lot more kids than usual because of summer holidays.  Some of the children who go to school were there too.  But because of the rain, a crowd did not gather for prayer.

However, a group of kids came up to me and asked me if I remembered them.  They told me that many many years ago, when they were “little,” I had taken pictures of them.  They remembered all of the poses they had made.  They remembered what I had bought them to eat.  They remembered how they used to perform for me, singing and dancing.  It was a fun walk down memory lane. 

Mom encouraged me to share our testimony with them.  So, I sat them down and began to share.  Some of them listened so intently.  As I was sharing, a few other people gathered, waiting for prayer.  When I was done sharing, I prayed for the kids that the Lord would bless them financially (they were trying to earn enough money to go to a fair in a neighboring state).  The children asked us for a book about Jesus that they could read.  We had some comic books about Jesus that we had just bought that we handed out to the children.  They promised to read them.

Then, Sanjeev, the young man who had called a few days back for prayer and to receive his book about Jesus asked for prayer.  He was grinning to ear to ear.  Another young man, Yoginder, said he had seen us praying over a month ago but had been able to get prayer at the time.  Now as he was going home her had just spotted us, so he came over with a friend for prayer.  Yoginder had been experiencing stomach and chest pain for several days.  As we prayed, the pain completely left.  His friend needed prayer for help with work.  Another man had us pray for pain heaviness and pain.  As we prayed, he felt a relief also.

As I was praying for these people, Mom prayed for an uncle who always likes us to pray with him.  He is an elderly man who owns a chai stall in the market.  He was experiencing extreme pain in his leg.  As mom prayed, he later told me that he felt a significant difference.  Then later we also prayed for his wife’s back pain that the Lord completely healed.

On the way home, I got a call from the lady with cancer.  She was experiencing pain again.  We prayed and the pain left.  But, she called back ten minutes later.  Again she was in pain.  We rebuked Satan.  The pain left.  I again encouraged her to get regular prayer three times a day regardless of whether there was pain or not.

Scripture for the Day:
He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.  Matthew 10:40.

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