Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 10

Today we went to the Priya marketplace for ministry.  But, before that, we stopped at The Grand hotel and prayed for the Sikh lady with cancer.  She said today marks the one year anniversary of when she was diagnosed with cancer.  For a year before that, she was continuously misdiagnosed with asthma, arthritis, and other such diseases.  By the time her cancer was diagnosed, it had spread from her lungs to her liver and into her bones.  It has been a week since we have been praying for her, and she is 90% pain free.  Her husband was glad to report a big difference in her, saying, “Before prayer, she used to scream in pain all night and I couldn’t sleep a wink.  This past week, I have had a sound sleep.”  The lady also testified that her son in law, the one who had seen us at Priya initially, had a chronic pain of some sort for many years that was completely healed the day we prayed for him.  Praise God!

As soon as we got to Priya, we ran into Pastor Daniel, a Ugandan missionary who is visiting India for a missions trip.  We had met him once before.   He has been holding crusades in Hyderabad.  By the time we return from the US, he will likely be gone back to his country.  Then we ran into the security guard at McDonalds who had said last week that he felt empty.  He had a smile on his face.  He said he is doing better and has been reading the book I gave him.

When we went to Priya, we had planned on gathering the children and sharing a short story with them.  But, as always, our plans are not necessarily God’s plans.  We arrived to find that the children are all excited about a new business one of them has started.  Saddam decided yesterday that he would sell his artwork.  He makes crayon drawings and sells them.  He made 160 rupees yesterday just selling his artwork.  With his portion of the proceeds, he bought new pants and a new shirt (some of the other children unfortunately bought cigarettes).  We prayed a blessing over the children that they would make many sales and their business would increase.  At the end of the day, an excited Saddam came and told me that one lady gave him 100 rupees for all his drawings!  It is nice to see the children motivated and trying out their entrepreneurial skills.

As we began to pray for people, it was interesting to find that probably 80% of the people wanted prayer for help in their work and studies, whether it was promotion, concentration, or new opportunities, the prayer requests were mostly centered around work and studies.  However, intermixed with those prayer requests, there were requests for healing.  A small boy who had come last week for prayer for a liver problem returned.  His father said there was a difference and he wanted to see Jesus complete the miracle.  Another man who used to cough up blood returned.  He was still coughing some, but there was no more blood.  We prayed for a completion of the miracle.  There were men with various pains whom we prayed for.  Many of the pains left right on the spot. 

A young boy was handing out tracts.  He said, “I saw you praying, so I wanted to give this to you.”  I handed him a copy of our testimony in return.  We could see people all around the marketplace stopping and taking time to read our testimony.  One Ethiopian girl read the testimony and came to us to tell us how God had encouraged her and spoken to her through the testimony.  “It was just what I needed,” she said.  A lady came by to ask us to pray for her daughter on her daughter’s birthday.  The lady said she was Hindu by birth, but she had seen the reality of Jesus and always carried a Bible in her purse.

After praying for the various people with needs, Judes and I decided to start the youth group meeting.  Mom went with the couple from Vasant Vihar who has been coming to Sunday service to pray for the wife.  The husband testified that there is a change in the wife.  She has started to behave “normally” for hours at a time now.  They are supposed to go to Rajasthan for a wedding, but have decided to stay back until after the Sunday service.

Judes told me that the Lord had begun to heal his eye.  He also testified that the other day he just began to pray and he felt a release in tongues.  Vincent said he was on his way.  As we sat down, we saw a crowd of young men walk past us.  All of a sudden, one of them made a u-turn and came back.  “You have to help me,” he said.  He looked desperate.  He said that his life was falling apart.  His studies were suffering, his parents didn’t understand him, his friends were not genuine.  He was at the end of his rope.  As we began to talk, tears began to flow from the young man’s eyes.  I told him all that I could do to help him was to pray with him.  But, I could also introduce him to who helped me…Jesus.  I began to share my testimony with the boy.  Judes’ sister joined us.  She listened in.  I shared our testimony and about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  As I ended the testimony, I asked the boy, Deep, if he wanted to know Jesus.  He said he did.  We prayed a simple prayer asking for forgiveness and asking Jesus to take control of Deep’s life.  Then I asked Deep if he wanted the Holy Spirit.  He did.  We prayed for Deep, Vincent and Jennifer to receive.  Deep began to speak in tongues.

Then, the young woman who has had the kidney stone problem came for prayer.  She said that if the Lord does not heal her tonight, she will opt for surgery.  We prayed and she felt the pain left.  I told her to call me anytime tonight if the pain returns and we will pray through until victory.

Finally, before leaving Priya, we prayed for an elderly man who sits on a little cot near where we conduct the youth meeting.  He has asked us to always stop and pray for him.  He said that the Lord has definitely been healing him since we have been praying for him.  But, for the past two days, he was feeling extreme pain in his chest and stomach and having an upset stomach.  As we prayed, the pain completely left.  His wife also came special for prayer. 

The husband of the lady who comes for prayer from Vasant Vihar also asked for prayer.  He said he had gone to the village and forgotten his eyeglasses.  He was having a hard time getting along without them.  So, he wanted the Lord to heal his eyes.  As we prayed, he began to see a marked difference in his vision.  Praise God!   

As we were leaving, a young boy stopped me to tell me that since prayer a few weeks earlier, he had stopped getting high.  God is so good!

Scripture for the Day:
As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.  James 2:26.

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