Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 1

It was a busy day.  We started the day by traveling to Badarpur, a city between Delhi and Faridabad.  There we met my friend Sunny.  He is interning at a company there and had told his training manager about the power of prayer.  The training manager is an elderly man.  Approximately fifteen years earlier he had fallen and damaged his ear drums.  Because of that he was not able to hear properly.  As we prayed for him, he felt the Lord begin to heal one of his ears.  He said there was a difference in his hearing in his right ear.  So, we offered to return next week and pray with him again.

Then, we went to the slum in Delhi that we used to visit every Tuesday before going to Chennai.  It has been four weeks since we have been to the slum.  Sunny joined us.  He wanted to see first hand the power of God.  Going to the slum, we weren’t quite sure how our reception would be after so long.  However, we received a warm welcome.  As soon as the little girls saw us far off, they began to jump about with joy, singing, “Didi aa gaye!  Didi aa gaye!” (“Big sister has come!  Big sister has come!”).  At the slum the kids were more than eager to sing all of the songs we had taught them.  A little girl, Pooja’s, grandfather brought her to us.  She is probably three or four years old.  He said, “Pooja has been waiting for you to come so she can sing all of the songs you have taught her!”

The leader of the slum (who is like the mayor of the 3000 or so homes in the slum) told mom that during our absence many of the children and adults had been inquiring about us.  He said that many of them wanted prayer and many of them had already been blessed.  He said, “You are obviously making a positive difference in people’s lives or else they wouldn’t inquire about you.”  He seemed pleased that we were back.  This is a big praise God because the first time we had gone to the slum, we had actually been warned that the leader may disapprove and cause problems.

At first, after we were done singing and sharing (I shared the story of the frogs and the importance of our words), very few people came forward for prayer.  A few kids with various aches and pains came for prayer and were healed.  Then a man came and asked if Jesus could help him.  He said that he was having work problems.  We prayed.  He returned a little later and again asked if Jesus could help him.  He said that he was having work problems.  We prayed.  He returned a little later and again asked if Jesus could help him.  He finally admitted that he had an alcohol problem.  We prayed.  He returned a little later and again asked if Jesus could help him.  He asked us to bring him a Bible next time we visited.


Mom and Sunny then went to visit the homes of one of the families that we have been ministering to in the slum.  On the way, many people stopped mom for prayer.  She and Sunny prayed and many miracles took place.  Then when she got to the home she was going to visit she found out that the Lord had been working in that home.  The lady of the house had been suffering from numbness in her hands.  The Lord had almost completely healed her.  The other members of the household had also received miracles in their lives.


In the meantime, many people started coming to me for prayer.  One lady I remember in particular asked for prayer for extreme pain in her forearm.  She said she was unable to work due to the pain.  As we prayed, the Lord healed the pain.  Her distressed expression turned into a wide smile.  I think she had heard that this healing stuff was real, but she was amazed as she experienced it first hand.

Finally, as we were getting ready to leave, I called out to an elderly man who had been observing me for a while and asked him if he would like prayer.  He said that I could pray for his grandchild.  I did so.  Then I asked the man if he had any pain in his body. He said he had pain in his knee.  We began to pray for him and slowly, but surely, the Lord relieved him of all his pain.

A few more children came for prayer and I asked Sunny to lay hands on them and pray for them.  As he did, he was amazed to see the Lord using him!

After we were done at the slum, we went to AIIMS hospital (one of the highest rated medical college institutions in India), to pray for the lady who has cancer who has been calling for prayer over the past few days.  When we arrived, she was having extreme pain in her stomach.  As we laid hands on her and began to pray, the Lord took away all of the pain.  As we were leaving, the lady’s daughter told us that every time we prayed for the lady over the phone, she felt as if she was completely well.  However, according to the daughter, the lady was unwilling to believe in the power of prayer.  She was reluctant to allow the Lord to heal her.  Please do keep the lady in your prayers as the Lord leads you. 

After we were done at the hospital, I gave mom many options as to what we could do.  Mom chose that we should visit the children who pick up trash at the Priya PVR market area, because I had been wanting to visit them for some time.  But, before going to Priya, we stopped to get ice cream.  As we stopped to get ice cream, I looked around and was surprised to find that we were in an area called “Green Park.”  We were actually invited to attend a wedding at a church in Green Park today, but had not planned on attending because we weren’t sure that we would be able to make it on time.  However, right at 5:00 PM, the time the wedding was to start, we passed by the church where the wedding was to be.  We were tempted to attend the wedding, but weren’t dressed appropriately and hadn’t brought a gift, so decided against it. 

But, more importantly, God had other plans for us.

We continued on to the Priya market.  We decided we would pass out biscuits to the kids, offer to pray for any with needs, have a pizza at Pizza Hut, and then go home.  Mom and I wandered around the marketplace, but there were no kids anywhere to be found.  As we were beginning to make plans of what else to do, we saw a young boy, Pradeep, picking up garbage.  We asked him where the other children were.  He said he would go and call them.  As the crowd of street children gathered, Pradeep said, “Didi, I have a pain, pray for me.”  I can’t remember where the pain was, but we prayed, and he was immediately healed.  He began to smile in amazement.  Then another boy said, “Didi, I have a pain too.  Pray for me also.”  We prayed and he was healed also.  Then a third boy said, “Didi, I have a pimple in my nose that pains.  Pray for me.”  We prayed and he was shocked to find that he was healed as well. 

A young man who had been watching all of this happen from a distance came and started asking us what we were doing.  We said we were simply praying for the children and the Lord was performing miracles.  The young man left.  The children asked us to pray that they would stop smoking cigarettes.  As we began praying for them, the young man returned and asked, “Can you do something for me too?”  We replied, “We can’t, but Jesus can.”  The young man said that he had been suffering from a chronic sinus problem since childhood.  We told him that we could pray.  He had nothing to lose.  We prayed and he left without saying a word.  The children asked for more prayer.

As we continued to pray for the children, a small crowd began to gather.  People started asked us what we were doing.  When we would share with them that we were praying and Jesus was doing miracles, many of them began to ask for prayer.  The small crowd began to grow.  Mom and I separately prayed for people for approximately two and a half hours and God did amazing amazing miracles.  We saw backs, necks, knees, hernias, ears, and other things healed.  The young man with the sinus problem returned and testified, “It is a miracle.  My sinuses are completely clear!”

We prayed not only for healing, but for job situations, family problems, addictions, depression, etc.  One boy came to mom saying, “I have everything.  Yet still, often I feel like ending it all.”  Although he thought he had everything, he was missing the most important thing of all: Jesus.   

As it became dark, we began to leave.  A young man named Bashir came and talked to us.  He said he didn’t want prayer.  He just wanted encouragement.  He said that he was facing a lot of hard times in his life, but seeing God use me encouraged him. 

On our way out of the marketplace, we stopped at McDonalds to grab a bite.  As mom walked in to place an order, I waited outside.  Two men walking came looking for us.  As soon as they saw me they said, “There she is.”  They needed prayer for a stomach and back problem and pain in one’s thumb.  We prayed and the Lord did the miracles.  Then another girl asked for prayer for pain in her throat.  As we prayed, she was amazed to feel the pain was gone.  Again a crowd gathered and we began to pray.  However, finally our driver pulled us away and rushed us off to our car.  Even near the car, we prayed for the parking attendants and the Lord healed them of their aches and pains.

As we were leaving one of the children came up to me.  He had been observing the miracles and was trying to figure out what was happening.  He asked me, “Are you a genie?”  I smiled and said, “No.  It is not me, it is Jesus who is doing the miracles.”  The boy responded, “You seem like a genie to me!” 

On the way home, I received a phone call from a lady who was suffering from a slipped disc problem.  I was told that she was in such extreme pain that she had not been able to get out of bed for two weeks.  She was even going to the bathroom in bed.  As we prayed, the pain began to leave.  By the time we were done praying a few minutes later, she said that she had only minute pain when she moved a lot.  I assured her that the Lord would complete the miracle, which later I found out He did.

Scripture for the Day:
Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled.  And they realized that they had been with Jesus.  Acts 4:13.

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