Miracles at Ashram

In the afternoon, Vinod, Golu and Nahim came for regular tuition and Suvneet, Glory and Sukrit came for English tution.

Shikha, Suvneet, and Glory also came for Bible study.  We did the study on “What must I do to be saved?”  Shikha asked for prayer for a job interview the next day.  She wants to teach at a play school.  I think she is bored of sitting at home and wants something to do to pass time.  So, we prayed.  (Praise Report: The next day, she received the job!  Although she has no experience and doesn’t have a teaching degree, she got the job.  Praise God!)

In the evening, we went to dinner at my cousin’s house.  Again, we are starting to face electricity problems.  The power was out from before 7:00 PM until after 10:00 PM.  It came back for a bit, but then left again.

Today we went to the slum in Delhi like we always do on Tuesdays.  My sister and her kids came along to Delhi with us, but we dropped them off at a nearby hotel while we went to the slum.  We were running late, so I figured that not very many kids would join me for worship or to hear the short message, and even less people would come for prayer.  We have noticed that unless we show up on time, people are usually busy and do not have time for prayer.  And today, we were going to arrive at the slum at around 2:00 PM, Indian lunch time.  So, I was certain that no one would come.  Mom goes to the home of a disabled boy to teach him English, while I minister to the kids in the slum.  So, as Mom was going to the home, I reminded her to be sure and be back in one hour because likely I would be done early and would be getting bored.  In her heart, Mom prayed that the Lord would keep me busy.

As we arrived at the slum, a handful of children gathered to worship with me.  The number slowly grew as we began worshipping – singing and dancing unto the Lord.  However, as we got into the third or fourth song, a girl, Usha, came forward for prayer.  She said her tummy was hurting.  We prayed and the Lord healed her.  Then a boy came and asked for prayer.  After praying for him, we began to worship again, but within a few seconds, a lady and her daughter came for prayer.  The daughter comes for prayer every week.  I asked her why she comes every week.  I asked her if she was seeing a difference.  I was told there is a difference.  After I prayed for her, the mother asked for prayer.  She seems to have pain in her joints, her stomach, her back, and virtually all over.  As we prayed, the pain began to disappear.  She began exclaiming, “The pain from here is gone.  But, there is pain here.  What kind of pain is this?  It keep disappearing?”  Soon, she said the pain had completely healed her body.  She was amazed, but very happy.  As she left, once again, we started to worship.  But, within minutes, the lady returned with a man (who I assumed to be her husband).  He told me that he had been unable to work for some time due to extreme pain in his entire body, especially his back and stomach.  He said the pain was constantly there.  As we began to pray, he immediately began to feel a significant difference.  We prayed about three or our times and the pain was completely gone.  Praise God!  The man was astounded by the power of God.  Then a young boy, Subhash came forward for prayer at the prompting of another child.  He had pain in his leg.  As we prayed, the pain completely disappeared.  Subhash praised the Lord for his healing.   

After we prayed for Subhash, we prayed again for RamDhruv (the man who has cancer).  His sister brought his picture again.  She said that he is recovering despite what the doctors had earlier diagnosed.  We prayed for a few other people’s aches and pains.  Then Subhash began telling his Uncle to get prayer.  The Uncle was reluctant.  I encouraged him to give prayer a try.  He had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Finally, he lifted his pant leg and showed me a horrible looking soar that was about three inches wide and six inches long.  It was quite gross and painful looking.  The man said that the soar would not be healed by a simple prayer.  I told him the story of Mohan, the electrician, who had a similar soar that the Lord healed.  First the pain went, and then the soar slowly began to heal.  I told him he could give prayer a try if he wanted.  Subhash encouraged him to get prayer.  The man agreed.  We prayed.  I asked him how the pain was.  He looked a little surprised.  Reluctantly he admitted that the pain was less.  We prayed again, and again the pain was less.  We prayed again and he said that the pain was almost gone.  He said that the slight amount of pain that was left was “normal.”  I told him that if the Lord has healed him this much, the Lord will heal him all the way.  We prayed again and the pain was all gone!  Praise God!

We prayed for a few more people.  And the Lord did more miracles.  Then, a man came forward for prayer.  He had been observing everything for quite some time.  He said that he had had a constant headache for three or four days.  His whole body was aching.  We began to pray.  Immediately he smiled and said, “I feel a significant difference.”  We prayed a few more times until the pain was completely gone. 

So many people came for prayer, I can’t even keep them all straight or remember all of the miracles.  God is awesome. 

Mom came (she was teaching English to a young boy with polio) and even as we were leaving, people continued to ask for prayer, and the Lord continued to heal them.

After we left the slum, we went to the hotel, picked up my sister and her kids and took them shopping.  We had anticipated getting home early, but things got delayed and we got home quite late.  It was a fun day.  Raahil is a cutie.

Scripture for the Day:
I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry.  Psalm 40:1.

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