Ministering to Hijaras

As Nikhil and his mom were visiting, a group of hijaras came by the house asking for money.  Hijaras as people who are born with a confused gender.  In India, such people are not given the opportunity to live normal lives with their families.  Instead, the hijara community snatches these children from their families and raises them to dress like women and take money from people.  They are often feared for their strong-arm tactics.  For some reason, since I was in the US a few months back, I have had it on my heart to minister to these people.  I read a website that said that there is only one small ministry in Banaglore that ministers to them.  Aside from that, they are a forgotten class of people. 

As we heard the commotion of the hijaras outside, I told my sister what I had been feeling.  She said, “Then why don’t you go talk to them?”  I responded, “I am scared. Should I go?”  She nodded her head.  So I took a deep breath and went to the door.  Just then, mom came in and said, “I have told them that I will not give them money.  All I can give them is Jesus.”  I said, “Invite them in.”  Just then, the door opened and two hijaras walked in dressed in bright clothes, ornate jewelry, and makeup.  They looked like transvestites. 

Immediately, upon seeing me, they calmed down.  One walked into our prayer room.  I asked the other one in pink, “What is your name?”  She responded, “My name is Renu.  My parents named me Sanjana.  But when I came here to the community, they named me Renu.”  “I like the name Sanjana,” I responded as we walked into the prayer room.  I asked the other one what her name was.  She told me her name is Karishma. 

I began to share our testimony with them.  As I was sharing, you could just see the hunger in their eyes.  Their eyes were riveted to me.  Another hijara, Krishna, walked in as I was sharing.  We invited her to sit and listen as well.

As I was finishing up the testimony, I told them that Jesus could change their lives just as He has changed mine.  They asked, “But, we were born this way?  How can he change our lives?”  I told them, “He can restore joy, happiness, peace and love into your lives.  And He can heal you as well.  Jesus can do all things.”  They responded, “But, even if our lives change, we will have to continue beginning for money, because we know nothing else.”  I told them, “Let Him change your lives first, then He will provide a way too.”  I told them that we would also love to teach them to read and write if they wanted.  They questioned, “Who would teach us to read and write?”  I said, “We can do that, free of cost.”  I invited them to come to our house on a weekly basis for prayer if they were interested.  They said they would come on Sunday at 8 AM.

Just then, their boss came.  They had to leave.  She was angry that they had taken so long.  They haggled a bit for some money before leaving because the boss lady insisted that we pay them.  Mom gave them 200 rupees.  They said they would be back for more.

After the hijaras left, the children came for tuition.  Those who came were: Arun, Harish, Raju, Amit, Sarika and Mahima.

After tuition was over, we had our twenty-fifth miracle meeting.  We had a very good turn out: Arun, Harish, Raju, Amit, Sarika, Mahima, Jagan, Himanshu and Aakash and their Mother, Rachana C., her daughter, her parents, her cousin, Deepti C. and her husband, the man who had gotten prayer for his gall bladder guy on Sunday, and his wife.  After the service, we prayed for the various needs.  I had the children pray for one another and the Lord healed headaches, stomach aches and various things.  Then I prayed for all of the adults.  The man with the gall bladder stones said that he was 80% better than before.  He felt so much lighter.  He said, “I hadn’t realized how much weight I was carrying around.”  Rachana C.’s mom also had felt less pain in her hands since Sunday.

Scripture for the Day:
Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon those who fear Him; On those who hope in His mercy.  Psalm 33:18.

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