Meeting in Rohini

We were told the meeting in Rohini would be held in a “hall.”  We were a little perplexed as to how the would be a “hall” in the middle of a slum.  But when we saw the “hall,” we understood.  It was a small hut with thatch sides and a thatch roof.  The hut served as a church for those in the slum.  Forty to fifty people crowded into the little hall for the meeting.

A majority of those at the meeting did not appear to be regular church-goers.  Perhaps some were hearing the word of God for the first time.  I shared our testimony, encouraged the people that how the Lord has transformed my life, He can transform their lives as well, and then we began to pray for those with needs.  We had an amazing time praying.  We prayed for hours as people kept coming forward for needs.  People were running back home and bringing the family members, friends, and neighbors for prayer as they were seeing the power of God.

Mom prayed a lady who had lumps in both her breasts.  She was so tender that she could not even touch her chest without wincing in pain.  As Mom prayed, the pain left.  The lady felt her chest and the lumps had disappeared too!  I prayed for several young boys with hearing problems.  They were amazed as the Lord opened their ears and they began to hear clearly.  We prayed for several aches and pains, arthritis and asthma problems.  We prayed for a variety of diseases and problems.  Many felt the healing power of God. 

Some of my cousins had come for the meeting as well.  We had them pray for the sick and they were excited to see the Lord use them also.    

On Saturday, a friend of mine who has been suffering from depression, anger and self-pity issues came for prayer.  We spent the day talking and ministering to him.  As we prayed he felt lighter.  He believed that the Lord released him from the oppressive forces that have been holding him back. 

In the afternoon, an electrician was working on the house.  Mom noticed he had a stutter.  She offered to pray for him.  As I began to talk to him, we learned that more than the stutter, he was concerned about a severe skin problem on his foot that he had had for approximately six years.  Because of the problem, that he described to be a unhealing wound, he could not walk without pain.  He was in constant pain.  He had been to many doctors, but all to no avail.  We offered to pray for his foot.  As we prayed, he began to feel the pain leave.  By the time we were done praying, he said that only ¼ of the pain was left.  We shared with him about Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  He prayed and received the Holy Spirit.  He promised to return for church service on Sunday.

At night, Dr. Rupali and her family came for prayer.  There were four of them in all, plus a little boy.  Dr. Rupali, her father, her husband, her sister, and her son in law came.  Dr. Rupali is Mr. Gupta’s (who came for prayer a few weeks ago) sister in law.  The Guptas have been sharing with them about how Jesus has been transforming their lives.  We had prayed for Mr. Gupta’s son because he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and run around the house, completely out of his senses.  After prayer, we were told that he is completely healed.  Dr. Rupali has been suffering from a chronic back problem for some time.  Medicines are not seeming to help.  As we prayed, she felt the power of God.  The pain completely left.  (She called a few days later and confirmed that she has been completely healed).  The four adults prayed for and all received the Holy Spirit.

Scripture for the Day:
No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and mammon.  Luke 16:13.

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