Meeting at RK Puram

At the meeting RK Puram, we also prayed for a man who had severe vision problems.  He felt a difference in his vision after prayer.  Another man came for prayer for relief from depression.  After prayer, he felt light and happy.  He kept coming up to me and telling me he was feeling so much better.  He was so thankful.  I told him to thank Jesus.  Jesus is the one who does it.  We only pray.

Mom prayed for people to receive the Holy Spirit and many people received.  The people from Shastri Nagar also received!

On Saturday, Nahim, Amit, Dharmendra, Golu, Vinod and Sanjayesh came for tutoring.  However, we discovered that the children, in our absence were using the phone, roaming the house and eating things that we had no offered them.  I had to confront them.  I did it in a loving way, encouraging them to ask for what they needed.  At first, all of the kids started saying that they would not be coming back for tutoring.  They each had a different excuse.  We acted non-chalant, and said it was their choice.  By the end of the tutoring session, the kids agreed that they would be coming back.

In the late afternoon, my cousin’s family came over for son.  Her son has been acting strangely and has been sick.  We prayed for release.  By the end he felt released. 

Then at night, my other cousins came over to tell us the news of their daughter’s engagement.  The wedding will be in October.  Weddings are so much fun in India.  I can’t wait!

Scripture for the Day:
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2.

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