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One new child has started coming for tuition.  His name is Himanshu.  He is in sixth grade.  He is a quiet kid.  But, he seems to be hard working and dedicated.  The others who attended tuition were: Jagan, Harish, Amit, Sarika, and Mahima.  Mom basically handled tuition because at the same time that the children showed up for tuition, Suvneet showed up for Bible study.  We finished the Book of Genesis today.  Suvineet is doing good faith wise.  The Lord is keeping him strong.  As he gets more immersed in his work, we have to pray that he does not forget the Lord. 

Several of the people who had come for church on Sunday called for follow-up prayer.  That was a good sign.  There seems to have been some difference.  And, I believe the difference will increase. 

One of my guys from Priya, Hemant received a miracle today.  I have been impressing upon the boys that the Lord will speak to them.  So, they have been asking the Lord to speak.  On Saturday, when Hemant was praying, he felt like the Lord was telling him that an opportunity would open up for him on the 31st.  And the Lord is faithful.  He has two opportunities that opened up on the 31st.  One is with a small company and one is with a very large company!

Tuesday morning, we went to pray for Mr. Gulati again.  He is experiencing a cough that is very disturbing.  I keep asking the family to call me and let me pray with Uncle 3 times a day, but for some reason they are not doing so.

We went to Oberoi and prayed for the Aunty who has cancer.  She has been getting regular prayer, and the cough is much better.  And when we prayed with her at the hotel, all of her pain went away too.  But, then at night the pain returned very severe (even after pain pills and a pain injection, the pain did not leave).  I am not sure why.  We prayed over the phone and it went away.

Today, we were supposed to minister at Ashram, but for the second week in a row, it did not work out.  Last week it was raining and this week the water tanker was at the slum distributing water to the residents.  I guess God has a different plan.  Instead of going there, since we were in Delhi anyway, we ended up taking my sister shopping to buy some clothes.

Scripture for the Day:
The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall no lack any good thing.  Psalm 34:10.

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