Lord Over Cancer

Then, in the early afternoon, we went to pray for the man who has terminal cancer.  He appears to be doing remarkably better.  The first day we had met him, they had told us he was in and out of consciousness, perhaps because of sedatives.  The second day, he seemed to be awake, but yet still dazed.  Today, he was alert and completely in his senses.  He even had a normal conversation with me.  Praise God!  Although the family isn’t really telling us details of what is happening, I know that something major is happening because they have already referred a few people to us who will be coming to the Sunday prayer fellowship.  In addition, one of the daughters-in-law called me.  She said that when I had shared my testimony with them, she had only half believed what I was saying.  But, now that she was seeing the power of God with her own eyes, she could not deny it.  The son and daughter-in-law prayed and received the Holy Spirit!

After this, we went to a lady’s home in Delhi who had a stroke about a week ago.  There we prayed for the elderly lady and her adult daughters.  One of the daughters had just been diagnosed with a hole in her cornea.  She was in a lot of pain.  As we prayed, the pain went away.  She also had a back problem.  After prayer that pain went away as well.  One of the daughters told me that someone had referred her to us back in January and we had prayed over the phone for her regarding a skin problem she had been suffering from for months, and the Lord had healed her!  We prayed for the women to receive the Holy Spirit and some of them received.

One of the church leaders from the meeting from Sunday July 23 was the one who arranged for this time of prayer.  He testified that several of the children and women had testified that they had received the Holy Spirit on Sunday.  Also, the man who had the back, ear and eye problems was indeed healed and his entire family was going to be water baptized in a few days!  Praise God!

After prayer, I got a call from a young man we had met at Priya yesterday.  He had just seen us praying for everyone and taken a copy of the testimony.  He had returned a few minutes later saying, “You need to meet lots of people.  I want you to come and share at my Business college.  There are 240 students in the first and second year batches.”  He said he would talk to the administration of the college and get back to me.  We have had such invitation before, but generally nothing materializes.  But, this time it has!  The college has invited us to come tomorrow for an hour and to share and pray with the young people.  We are going to take Deep, Hemant and Manoj with us.

Finally, at night, we decided to take my sister to a fancy five star hotel for dinner.  They are having a pizza festival.  It was an interesting experience.  They got our order wrong three times!  Finally they took 50% off the bill and told us that along with our order, we were free to enjoy the buffet as well :o )  We had some yummy cheese and desserts from the buffet.Scripture for the Day:
For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.  II Corinithians 13:8.

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