Little Drops

Young mentally retarded girls from a nearby home had also come for the meeting at Little Drops.  We shared and prayed for the people.  Due to the hectic schedule, we had planned on staying only until 11:30, but couldn’t leave because we were not done praying for everyone.  I know that I would be sorely disappointed if a preacher at a special meeting left before praying for me…so we couldn’t leave without praying for each and every person who was waiting for prayer.  As we prayed, the Lord performed miracles.

There were so many people, and a language barrier, so we could not pray too many times with each person, nor could we ask them all what they were feeling as we prayed.  But, afterwards, I heard that God healed many who were suffering for months and even years.  For example, one of the first people we prayed for was a lady who had extreme pain in her leg.  She was practically in tears.  As we prayed, at first, she didn’t feel much of a difference.  We continued to pray.  She began to feel the Lord relieving her of her pain.  I asked her to let the Lord continue to work and to come back for prayer in a few minutes.  When she returned, the tears were replaced with a smile.  She said the pain had subsided, but now she was feeling an itching sensation.  We prayed again and she felt MUCH better.  Another elderly man we prayed for felt the pain leave his body and was able to see clearly as we prayed for his vision.

After the visit to Little Drops, when we arrived home, some pastors from The Pentecostal Mission came over for a visit.  Dad is helping them with something.  We had a time of worship and prayer.  God seems to want to teach me something about pain.  For some reason, I have received two books while in Chennai…and both books deal with the topic of pain.  The pastor who shared during this meeting also shared about pain (actually Mom said that he shared exactly what is written in the intro of one of the books that I received).  Once I know exactly what the Lord is teaching me about pain, I’ll let you know.

Soon after the pastors from The Pentecostal Mission left, Jacob (Dad’s colleague who had been spontaneously healed of back pain) came with his family.  We prayed for his son for healing from asthma.  Husband and wife prayed for and received the Holy Spirit.

After spending a little over an hour with Jacob’s family, we had to rush over to Standard Chartered Bank for a meeting.  They have a Christian fellowship that they started a few years back.  We have ministered in their fellowship many times in the past, however, due to turn over, most of those who attended were new.  I shared a message about the power of God.  Then we prayed one on one with those who wanted prayer.  Several received the Holy Spirit.

After the meeting at Standard Chartered Bank, we rushed home, because my friend Johnson, who is ministering in the North East part of India has come to Chennai and was coming for a visit.  We had a good time of fellowship.  As Johnson and his friend were leaving, Johnson’s friend, Dr. Anand offered to do a free dental clinic for our children sometime in the future.  Praise God for His provision!

Scripture for the Day:
You enlarged my path under me; So my feet did not slip.  II Samuel 22:37.

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