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In the evening, on Friday, Nahim, Golu, Vinod and Dharmendra came to go on an outreach with me.  We spent a few minutes in prayer together before heading to the area slums.  At the first slum we went to, although the women and children were excited to see us and listened carefully as I shared the word of God, they were hesitant to come forward for prayer.  It was a little disappointing, because I wanted the children to have a chance to pray for people, but we put it in God’s hands and moved on.

At the second slum, the Lord moved in amazing ways.  Everything broke loose after a man who had hurt his ankle/foot on the 16th of June came forward for prayer.  He could put no weight on his foot and was using a long piece of wood to help him hop around.  He had a homemade remedy spread on his ankle.  As we begin to pray, to his surprise, and the surprise of all those watching, he began to be able to bear down on his foot.  Soon, everyone was encouraging him to try walking without the stick.  He said he cold not do it, he was afraid.  But, finally he mustered up enough courage to try…and praise God, he began to walk without the stick.  He and the other men who knew him began to talk amongst themselves how this was a miracle, because he was not able to bear down on his foot at all earlier and now he was able to stand on one foot!  After this, the men just began coming forward for prayer one by one.  We prayed for many leg and knee problems.  One man had had something wrong with his leg for years and the pain left after a simple prayer.  Another boy had a stomach ache that was gone after prayer.  Yet another man who often felt dizzy and would wake up in the night screaming, felt a weight lift off his head as we began to pray for him.

My favorite story is how Nahim began praying for a man with a stomach ache all by himself…and the Lord healed the man completely!

We did pray for one young boy however who was experiencing pain in his thumb.  Although the pain left from one area of his thumb, for some reason, it did not leave from another area of the thumb.  I do not know what was wrong.

We had planned on being home by 7:00 PM, but did not get back home until after 8:00 PM.  Many of those who were prayed with promised to come to church on Sunday.

On Saturday, only Nahim came along for the outreach.  I am not sure what happened to the others.  Vinod had told me that he may not be able to come because he needed to deliver milk.  Perhaps the others did not come because Vinod did not come.

Nahim and I first went to a slum area where we normally do not receive a warm welcome, the children are not very responsive and do not sing or dance with us, and sometimes the people are a bit hostile.  However, today was different.  Some of the older boys recognized us when we arrived and greeted us.  A big crowd gathered of men, women and children to hear the worship and the Word of God.  But, very few people got prayer.  Some said they would come to our home on Sunday for prayer instead.

The second slum we went to was the one that was torn down back in February/March.  A few houses have been re-established there and a lot of children are living in the vicinity.  As we arrived in the area and the children spotted our car, they began jumping for joy and yelling, “Sungeeta Didi has come!”  Nahim was surprised that the children even knew my name.  To be honest, I was surprised as well.  Many women and children gathered, along with a few men.  We sang and shared and then began to pray.  Because Nahim knows many of these people, he did not want to pray with me.  But, he helped keep people at a distance, so I would not get suffocated because of the heat.

Many women were amazed and happy as the Lord touched them.  He healed them of chronic pains in various parts of their bodies.  As we were leaving, many of the children promised to come to church on Sunday.

The past two days, I have received encouraging emails from a young man, Manoj, whom we prayed for at the Priya marketplace on Thursday.  He seems to be so hungry for the Lord.  It is amazing.  Here is an excerpt from his first email:

yesterday(thursday) i was in priya when i saw you and ur mom how u both was helping those people who needed. then i went to ur mom and she pray for me at that time my eyes were closed and i was feeling some thing cnt explain but that was nice feeling,then ur mom give me ur story i read once at that time,and today morning once again i read it, i feel that i must thanks to jesus and i start to say with close eyes"jesus i love you, jesus i need you" and then thanks to jesus continues,i c’nt explain what i was feeling at that time. that was so good,but when i started to say thanks continues then i start with thanks..thanks…. thanks…………………
why it was ? 

and tell me also that what is the next step for me to get the jesus and how  i pray to jesus?
i want to say again thanks to jesus that i meet you,i hope see you next thursday at priya.
Please keep Manoj in your prayers.

Scripture for the Day:
Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name.  Psalm 86:11.

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