June 24, 2007 – Back in Prayer Fellowships

Today’s message was based on Psalm 121.  The basic gist of the message was that when we find ourselves in a bind, rather than looking around us at the problem or situation, we need to look to Jesus for the solution.

At the end Narendra prayed for some of the kids and was ecstatic to see that Jesus healed those whom he prayed for.

Approximately fifteen people showed up for the prayer fellowship in Delhi.  It was so good to see the youth again.  Some of them have been going through some issues it seems, but they had powerful testimonies to share.

One young girl, Sonata, shared a testimony about her friend.  She said that she personally was unsure about her faith in God and her friend was an atheist.  However, they met one of our young people, Ankit, who shared with them and convinced them to come to a youth meeting at Priyas.  There they patiently sat through the meeting and allowed me to pray with them.  And from then God began to work.  Sonata personally has seen God work in such ways that now she is a true believer in God.  And as to her friend, the testimony was that the friend has had depression and due to that had missed a lot of college.  Because of her poor attendance, the attendance board at the college decided that she would not be allowed to sit for her exams.  Meanwhile, the friend’s family found out certain things about the friend that they did not approve of and decided to yank her out of college and get her married.  They completely isolated the friend from the outside world, taking her cell phone from her.  But, we all continued to pray.  The friend’s brother testified before the attendance committee saying that his sister should not be given an opportunity to sit for her exams because they intended to get her married anyway.  The teachers and the other students were all against the friend.  However, God heard the prayers and performed a miracle.  The committee changed its mind and allowed the friend to sit for the exams.  And on top of that, the faculty at the college has guaranteed the girl that she will be allowed to complete her graduation.

Divanshu shared that one day he was with a group of friends and they all wanted to see a movie.  But Divanshu did not have any money.  So, he told his friends.  His friend were all very disappointed and called Divanshu a party-pooper.  Divanshu felt bad and prayed to Jesus for money.  That evening, out of the blue, and very uncharacteristic of his dad, Divanshu’s dad handed Divanshu 500 rupees!

After prayer, we went to a nearby slum to worship and pray with the people there.  Someone had informed them that we were coming, so there was an awesome turn-out of over 50 kids and many adults.  They were happy to see us back.  We had the chance to pray with various ones for their needs.  One boy came up and testified that he had previously gotten prayer for his studies and noticed a difference, but he wanted more, so we prayed again.  Another girl testified that she has been praying for her dad and God has been healing him of debilitating foot trouble.

Scripture of the Day: 

1 I will lift up my eyes to the hills—From whence comes my help?  2 My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.  Psalm 121:1-2.

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