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After she left, Kalpna and Shikha came over for our Bible Study.  We started a study on repentance.  We studied how repentance requires: (1) Confession; (2) Forsaking what we have done (a turn away from the sin); (3) Walking on the right path.

As we were finishing up the Bible Study, a group of kids showed up unexpectedly.  It was at least half an hour before tutoring was to start.  Some of the kids had come for prayer and some for tutoring.  The kids who came were: Moolchand, Lalita (big), Geeta (little), Geeta (big), Manisha (little), Manisha (big), Sukhmath, Sangeeta, Vijay, Ajay (little), Mahima, Akram, Sandeep, Sanju and TaraChand.  I told them to go and sit and begin to pray and I would join them shortly.  But, of course, kids being kids, they were not able to sit still for even a minute. 

We prayed for Shikha for the same “cervical” problem.  We had prayed last week and she said she was a lot better.  As we prayed again, the pain began to leave.  But then the kids were getting so rowdy, I had to leave.  So, Mom and Kalpna continued to pray until the pain was completely gone!  Praise God!

We decided to do a short prayer meeting first and then a tutoring session.  Most of these kids, all except three (Mahima, Vijay, Ajay (little)), had not been in church on Sunday, so I decided to share the pencil parable with them.  The kids told me that their parents won’t let them come at 11 AM on Sunday because they need to prepare lunch.  So, I told them we can do a special session for them at 2 PM instead on Sundays.  Some of the kids have parents who support them coming to pray with us.  Other kids have to sneak out.

As I began to share the pencil parable, to my surprise, Vijay had memorized the message quite well.  Before I made any point, he would share it with the other children!  Sometimes you can’t tell how much the kids actually pay attention to what I say, but I knew then that Vijay had definitely heard everything very carefully.

Afterwards, we prayed for the various needs the kids had, and as usual the Lord moved.  He healed the different ones of different aches and pains.  Some of the other miracles we will find out about with time.  Many of the kids have abusive fathers or alcoholic fathers.  We prayed for miracles in their lives.

Ikraam and Kailash showed up in time for tutoring.  But, the kids were all very rowdy by then.  It was hard to keep them in check.  So, I taught them a little, but then told them they would have to come back on Thursday with a better attitude if they wanted to learn.

After the kids left, Mukesh came for tutoring.  He almost has all of the sounds for the consonants memorized.  So, I began to teach him the basic sounds for the vowels.  He is having a hard time with some of the sounds.  For example, for “A,” I told him to say “aa” (as in “apple”) but he kept saying “Ya.”  He is slowly getting it.  At the end I showed him how he can now read simple words like: cap, bat, dot, spot, get, let, pit, fit, cup, jump.

At night, a tailor came over.  He mends and alters clothes.  Mom shared the testimony with him.

Scripture for the Day:
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.  Psalms 19:14.

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