Happy Valentines Day

After the whirlwind of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were days of relaxation.  We just ran some of the errands we had wanted to run.  Monday was Ajay’s last day in Chennai.  I am sure I will miss him.  It has been fun having spending time with him.

On Sunday night when I had talked with Ajay, he was having stomach problems, probably because of the coffee he drank at the beach.  But, he didn’t want me to pray for him, so I didn’t.  However, On Monday, we prayed and he said he felt better.

Mom, Ajay and I went to Dad’s office to meet up with Dad there.  From his office, on the outskirts of Chennai, we went to Kancheepuram.  The drive to Kancheepuram was very scenic.  Because of the record rainfall that Chennai has experience this year, everything is lush and green.  There are beautiful hills and valleys along the way.  The roads have been re-paved, so the drive wasn’t as bumpy as usual.

Kancheepuram is famous for the silk saris that are woven there.  They weave them with silver plated gold thread and silk.  Each sari is uniquely handwoven.  Going to a sari shop in the Chennai area is an experience in and of itself.  When you ask to see one sari, they salespeople just take a stack of saris and lay them all out before you.  They will open them to show you the pallu.  They will even drape them on you or themselves to show you the effect of the entire sari.  It is a lot of fun.

On Tuesday, at one of the stores we went to (my favorite sari store in Chennai, called Man Mandir), Mom began to testify to the salesman.  We have known them for years, but have never shared our story with them.  They listened intently.  One of them asked, “What name is it that you said you pray in?”  We responded, “The name of Jesus.”  The salesman asked, “Why didn’t you tell us before?”  They said they would try praying in the name of Jesus next time they had a need.

When we got home in the evening, one of Dad’s colleagues, Jacob was over.  Mom shared with him about why we have come to India and about some of the miracles we have been seeing.  We asked him if he wanted the Holy Spirit.  He declined, however, he said he would return with his son for prayer.  He is from an orthodox Christian background.  Later we found out that Jacob had had back trouble for months.  Although we hadn’t prayed, just hearing the testimonies and about the power of God, he was completely healed!

Scripture for the Day:
God is my strength and power, and He makes my way perfect.  II Samuel 22:33.

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