Happy Republic Day!

Once we finally arrived at the lake, we noticed that the lake was quite dry.  We have not had winter rains this year.  But, it was still a pretty area.  Picnics in India are quite different than picnics in the US.  Here, no one eats sandwiches.  Instead, they make rotis and rice and lentils.  It was multi-course affair.  There were camels, a ferris wheel that was man-powered (meaning men actually turned the wheel by physical force, no electrical power needed), boats, punjabi dhol players who beat their dhols while people danced to the music.  One of my cousin’s sons’ brought some kites.  He knows that I have a fascination with kite flying.  Every year on the 15th of August I want to fly kites, but for some reason or the other, I am unable to.  So, today I got to fly my kites :o )

There were some children from a nearby slum who were roaming the park.  I looked over at a group of little girls staring at me.  I smiled.  They smiled back.  I turned away and got busy doing something.  But, when I turned back, they were still looking at me.  So I called out to them and asked them their names.  Caught off guard, they immediately became flustered.  I repeated myself, “What are your names?”  Finally the girls told me one by one.  I was unshelling some peanuts, so I offered them some.  They were too shy to take them.  Someone walking by encouraged them, so they happily took the peanuts.  Then another man came by, hit the girls on the head and shooed them away. 

It was a fun picnic, but just as the weather began to get a bit chilly, we headed home.  We took an alternative route home, which was much quicker and a lot less bumpy…but admittedly not as “scenic.”

Just before we headed home, I saw two of the girls and called out to them by name.  I think they wee surprised that I remembered their names.  They happily posed for a picture as I said goodbye.

As soon as we arrived home, the children were waiting.  Today was our eighth miracle meeting.  At first, there were only a handful of children (the regulars), but just as we were beginning, a whole host of children showed up.  We had almost 30 children in all: Vijay, Sumit, Sandeep, Vinod (middle), Nahim, Kulbushan, Sonu, Mahima, Ajay, Manisha, (little), Manisha (big), Kailash, Golu (little), Hemlata, Moolchand, Ajay (little), Sushil, Vijay (little), Geeta (big), Geeta (little), Sukmath, Ganesh, Sangeeta, Lalita, Dadu, Vinod (big) and KishanPal. Because all of the relatives were over for tea, I had the children gather in my room.  They all huddled together on the carpet.  I told them to remain seated as we sang our worship songs, lest they fall on top of each other while singing the action songs.  I showed them a short clip from the Jesus movie of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  Then I shared about the miracle of Jesus feeding five thousand men (plus who knows how many women and children) with just five loaves of bread and two fishes.  We discussed how this miracle teaches us many things, including: (1) When we follow Christ, He will supply all our needs even before we ask; (2) If we give back to Jesus what we have, He will multiply it, and we will not be left with lack; (3) Don’t limit God or doubt His storehouse (He will supply more than enough); (4) Give thanks in all things; (5) Do what the Lord says even if it does not make sense.

Afterwards we prayed for the various needs of the children.  One boy, Vijay, could not hear when someone talked behind him from even just three feet away.  After prayer he was hearing.  We did before and after tests.  All of the children praised God!  Other children praised the Lord as He healed them of various aches and pains. 

It is weird.  Whenever I have the prayer meeting in my room, the children tend to get a bit hyper.  I am not quite sure why.  Also, there seems to be some jealousy between the kids who have been coming for some time and the new kids.  The kids who have been coming for some time want to make it clear to the new kids that this is their territory.  We will have to work more on “love” and “sharing” issues :o )

Scripture for the Day:
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there I anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.  Philippians 4:8.

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