Happy Independence Day

Just as Suvneet was leaving, two men came from Delhi for prayer: Alex and Sri.  Sri’s sister met us at the Priya marketplace.  Since then, they felt it in their spirit that they needed to come and pray with us.  Although Alex was born in a Roman Catholic family, he never knew Jesus until one year back.  We had a nice time of fellowship with them.  Then we prayed for them for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  They both received.  Praise God!

In the evening Amit, Sarika and Mahima came for help with their homework.  School started up again for the kids today.  I helped Mahima and Sarika write their ABCs and learn their multiplication tables.  Amit did some math and Hindi reading.

Today Pastor Ramesh came over for a couple of hours.  He wanted to share a few things with us.  He also arranged for a meeting this Friday in Delhi.  In the afternoon, after he left, Amit, Sarika and Mahima came for tutoring.

After tutoring, we went to Delhi to the Ashram slum that we go to on Tuesdays.  We had promised to pass out biscuits again this time.  This, we realized was a mistake.  So many children came…we could not control them.  They would not listen or cooperate.  It was almost a stampede as Mom and the driver passed out cookies.  Meanwhile I prayed for the various needs.  Praise God, the little girl Rekha, whose face we had prayed for is almost completely healed.  She was very happy.  We also prayed for a lady who has almost gone blind.  As we prayed, she said she could see more clearly!  As usual, several people felt their aches and pains disappear as we prayed.

Scripture for the Day:
I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.  Song of Solomon 2:1.

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