Happy Boxing Day

Today was another busy day.  Busy, but good.  I had to get up early and get ready.  Someone was supposed to come at 9:00 AM for prayer.  But, the person never showed up. 

However, our 10:00 AM appointment was only a few minutes late.  On Sunday, two men, Mr. Malhotra and his friend, had seen us praying for people at the slum and asked to come over at 10:00 AM on Monday for prayer.  We shared our testimony with them.  Mr. Malhotra said that he believes in Sai Baba and when he prays Sai Baba does miracles.  He said that Sai Baba appeared to him many times 10 years ago and since then he has been praying for people and seeing miracles.  However, he said that as he started praying for people and seeing miracles, slowly he started losing all the blessings from his own life.  He went from being pretty wealthy to now being broke.  He asked the question: “Do you think that is the work of God?”  We told him that Jesus does not operate that way.  As we share God’s love with other, Jesus blesses us too.  He does not trade others blessings for our blessings.  Afterwards we prayed for the two men for financial blessings. 

In the afternoon my cousins’ wives Kalpna and Shikha came over for a short Bible study.  Once the new year starts, we are planning on doing the Bible study twice a week.  We did a study on Christmas.  The Christmas story and the meanings of the symbols of Christmas.

Just as the Bible study was ending, two young neighbor women, Rushmi and Kamna came over.  Rushmi wanted prayer for an undisclosed request.  We prayed and the Lord spoke to her.  Rushmi and Kamna have said they will join the Bible study I will be doing with Kalpna and Shikha.

Less than an hour after Rushmi and Kamna left, we had a youth meeting.  My cousin’s son, Suvneet, had requested we do a youth meeting so he could bring his friend.  Sonali brought a friend, Jasmine, and Suvneet came (his friend wasn’t able to come).  I shared our testimony and then about Christmas.  Afterwards we prayed and Jasmine was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Jasmine just continued to pray and pray and pray.  She wouldn’t have stopped for a long time had Sonali not stopped her because Sonali needed to leave.

Finally, at night, we went out to celebrate my cousin’s son, Glory’s, birthday.  We had a good time.

Scripture for the Day:
But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.  Acts 20:24 .

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