Good Friday – Back in India (March 21, 2008)

We are on our way back to India from the US.  We had an amazing time.  God opened doors for us to minister in various places, from schools to churches to youth meetings.  We spent a lot of time ministering and meeting people one-on-one.  Some of the highlights of our trip were:

1.      We visited a school in Seattle where many children, and even a teacher, were filled with the Holy Spirit and were just crying because they felt God’s love.  The children prayed for one another and experienced God’s healing touch in their bodies.  One boy testified that as the others prayed for him, his sinuses cleared up.  A girl removed a wrist brace she was wearing and testified that the Lord had healed her sprained wrist…the pain was completely gone!  Yet another girl testified that she had been extremely tired and was feeling drowsy, but after a classmate prayed for her, she felt energized.

2.      At a church we visited, we had the opportunity to pray for the sick for over an hour after the service.  Many received a healing in their body.  One girl said she had been in a car accident seven years earlier and had been in constant pain ever since.  After prayer, she could hardly believe that the pain in her neck and back was completely gone.  “I have not felt like this in seven years!” she exclaimed.  Upon seeing this healing, a relative of hers also came up for prayer.  She had pain in her neck and could not turn her neck.  She said that she had been suffering for over a year.  After prayer she kept moving her neck and showing people, “Look, I can turn my neck and it doesn’t hurt!”  Yet another lady had been experiencing excruciating pain in her back.  She said she had not even been able to stand during the worship service.  However after prayer, the pain was gone.  A little boy who had a lazy eye also came forward for prayer.  The first time we prayed, he said that he did not feel a difference.  But, the second time we prayed, he said, “I feel a big difference.”  After a few more prayers he said that he felt like he could see perfectly.  His mother tested to see if both his eyes were in fact tracking, and she said he appeared to be healed!

3.      We did mall ministry with a youth group from the University of Washington.  We had the chance to pray with and share God’s love with a variety of people in the shopping mall.  One Japanese American man stands out in my mind.  He was over seventy years old.  Although he seemed to be happy to talk to us, he appeared nervous and almost as if he were trying to justify why he was not a regular churchgoer.  At one point he actually said that he felt “guilty” talking to us…but also recognized that we had not said anything to make him feel that way.  We barely said anything to him, but could tell that God was convicting him.  He allowed us to pray with him.  He was so impressed by our faith that he actually took the time to introduce us to his wife when we later ran into him in the mall.  This really showed me that sometimes it is nothing we say or do, but simply God’s presence that goes with His children that is enough to change a person’s life.

I was surprised to find that a number of people came over just to find out more about coming out to India to volunteer in the slums with us for a few weeks later this year.

As many of you know, we ended up extending our trip by one week at the last minute (once again).  But that week was so nice.  We got to just rest and spend time together as a family.

Here is a short video showing some of the fun we had during the trip to the US:

Scripture of the Day:

 Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.  Psalm 121:4

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