God is Still Moving…In His Way…In His Time!

Even before she left, several children showed up for tutoring.  The regulars, Ajay, Kulbushan and Sonu came.  But also, Ekraam, Akram, Sanju, Sushil and Moolchand came.  Although Ajay, Kulbushan and Sonu are all at the same level, I noticed that the new children are all at different levels.  Some of their parents don’t send them to school, so they know virtually nothing about the alphabet or counting.  Nevertheless, I tutored them in English (deciding that next time we would have to hold 2 separate sessions) and mom tutored them in Math.  They are like sponges and pick up very quickly.

Today, in the evening we went to Delhi for a prayer meeting.  On Wednesday night, a friend called to tell me that the man who was arranging the meeting wanted me to prepare a sermon for the meeting along with sharing my testimony.  When I called on Friday to confirm about the prayer meeting, the man who had arranged the meeting was acting strange.  I tried to figure out what was wrong, but could not.  I asked the man if they wanted to change the date of the meeting, but he said, “no.”  I also confirmed whether or not they wanted me to prepare a message, and he said that they did.  When we arrived at the meeting, no one was there yet.  We prayed with some of the family members who had various needs.  One elderly lady had a fracture in her arm and said that she had pain.  We prayed for her, but she didn’t say anything.  A little while later, she told someone else that she was feeling a marked difference after prayer.

The meeting started with worship.  As we began to worship, many people came.  The entire room filled with people.  After worship was over the man who had arranged the meeting whispered to me, “Okay, Sungeeta, start the meeting.”  As soon as I got ready to open my mouth, another pastor who was sitting there began to speak.  I was a little perplexed, but slowly realized that this other pastor was going to be sharing a sermon.  At that point, I put the meeting in the Lord’s hands.  After the pastor was done sharing, the man who arranged the meeting finally whispered to me, “Actually my brother-in-law invited this pastor to share the message at the last minute.”  I asked him if they still wanted me to share my testimony.  He said yes.  I told him I would just share the testimony in short, without a message because it was getting late and surely the people did not want to hear two sermons :o )  But, then the pastor who had been sharing the sermon asked someone else to share.  Then he asked yet another person to share.  Finally the pastor said, “The meeting is over.”  Just as he said this, someone told the pastor that I was supposed to share my testimony.  Then the pastor looked over at me and said, “Oh.  Yes, she has shared in my church in the past.”  So, then I shared our testimony.  At the end, Mom and I offered to pray for anyone who wanted prayer.  Many people got prayer, and many were visibly touched by God.  For example, one lady said she had spondylitis, which was causing extreme pain in one side of her body.  As we prayed, all the pain left.  Another lady had arthritis.  Again, the pain left as we prayed.  We met another Jain family that has now started believing in Jesus.

Although the meeting didn’t go quite as we had planned, the Lord was in control and moved in mighty ways!

Scripture for the Day:
“Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord?  Behold, to obey is better than to sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of the rams.” I  Samuel 15:22.

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