On Tuesday we went to a small home near an area known as “Filmistan,” for prayer.  At first, it was just a family of four who attended, but slowly a few others came to listen in.  The family of four began believing in Jesus after the husband was healed of heart disease and the wife was healed of several ailments.  We shared with them about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They prayed and received!  Also, the grandmother of the family had one weak side of her body, with numbness and pain.  As mom began to pray with her, the pain, numbness and weakness left.  Praise God!

On Tuesday, the kids came for tutoring.  Nahim, Golu and Vinod came.  With them, they brought two new boys: Dharmendra and Sanjay.  This Dharmendra is not the same as the one who has been coming in the past.  That Dharmendra got a job and is working from 8 AM to 2 AM the next morning, every day!  Along with teaching them math, English and Hindi, we are also trying to teach the children art.  We have noticed that they do not even have the basic concept of how to color in a picture of a person.  Like little children then begin to color the entire person with the same color, or make the hands and face a bight purple.  We are teaching them how to color based on reality.  As we are teaching the children I am realizing that there are so many things we learn that we don’t even realize that we needed to “learn.”

Scripture for the Day:
Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.  Psalm 46:10.

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