Happy Easter!  Today was our nineteenth prayer fellowship.  We had a good turnout.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  Normally we have more children than adults, but today we seemed to have a good number of adults.  Those who attended were: Nahim, Golu, Vinod, Sarika, Amit, Mahima, Arshana, Yeshmina, Raahil, Suvneet, Puneet, Promil Bhaiya, Indu Bhabhi, Rajveer ji, the couple from Vasant Vihar, the man who had asked us about Krishna at the slum on Friday and his family (wife and son), Akansha and Mr. Chauhan, the tailor and his two friends, Dharna’s cousins (Jai, Manu and Anirudh), and Mr. & Mrs. Agarwal and Aashima.

Mom shared the story of Easter and we had cake and ice cream to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Afterwards almost everyone got individual prayer for various needs.  The Lord seemed to touch the various ones.  We will of course find out what happened at a later date.

The one thing that really stands out in my mind was the faith of the man from Vasant Vihar (his wife is the one who lost her mind approximately 25 years ago).  He said that after prayer for his wife a few weeks ago, when they got home, a lot of things went wrong.  He said he felt as if “someone” or “something” didn’t want him to come back.  Almost as if whatever is possessing his wife is scared that if they come to our home, she will be sent free.  He also said that during the past fifteen days, his daughter in law, saw Jesus in the middle of the night.  She woke up screaming.  She said there was a man in her room wearing white clothes, a white robe and a white head covering.  When the man heard the description, he guessed it was Jesus.  He prayed, “If it is you Jesus, please leave.”  Immediately the man left, according to the daughter in law.  Then the man prayed, “Lord, why did you appear to my daughter in law, she doesn’t know you?  I wish you would appear to me!”  The man had resolved to bring his wife for prayer as many times as he can until Jesus sets her free.

In the afternoon, my mom’s side had a potluck at our home.  It was a fun time of sitting around telling jokes and sharing stories.

At night, the neighbor with the vision problem came for prayer again.  As we prayed, he felt a difference in his eyes.

Scripture for the Day:
Blessed be the Lord God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting.  I Chronicles 16:36.

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