December 8 – December 14, 2006 (Part II)

After the meeting we went to my grand-uncle’s home. My grandmother had shared with them about Mr. Mehta’s miracle, so they all wanted prayer. My grand-uncle actually said that when we had prayed for him a few years earlier, he had felt a difference in his health.

On Sunday we started the morning with drama practice. Some of the old kids didn’t show up, but new kids showed up as their replacements. We seem to be working with a somewhat new cast every time.

Those who attended the service were:

Mintu, Teeja, Neetu, Seema, Avinash, Jyoti, Karan, Ranjit, Rohit, Mahima, Sarika, Sandeep, Nahim, Mohit, Chattur, Dharmendra, Mahindra, Jagdish, Akhilesh, DhanKumari, Narendra, Deepak, Prashant, David, Suraj, Danish, Arti, Anoop, Amisha, Deepansha, Dhruv, Kushagr, Urmila, Sanja, Ajay, Dhruv’s parents, Deepansha’s Mom, Mr. Mehta, Ekta, Suvineet, Promil Bhaiya and others.

In the morning service a new family attended. The have a little girl who is suffering from nephritic syndrome. We prayed for the little girl and also her cousins. One of the cousins has polyps in his nose and sinus problems. As we prayed he felt his nose clear up. The other cousin had pain his foot that immediately left as we prayed.

Mr. Mehta shared the testimony of his healing. Suvineet shared about how the Lord is helping him with his studies. He has been receiving the highest marks in his class even when he himself does not feel fully prepared.

I shared a message on Christmas and the Gift of Life that Jesus offers us. It was amazing how intently the children listened. They usually squirm and talk during the message, but this day they were listening quietly. Afterwards many prayed to receive the free gift of life Jesus offers.

Then we rushed off to the afternoon service. We had an okay turn out. Hemant shared a testimony of how he has been skipping work to party, and so he was sure his pay would be cut for the days he missed. However, to his surprise, not a single day of pay was cut from his paycheck! Jesus loves us so much that even if we are not always doing what we should, he does not forsake us. One lady who had come the week before shared with me that she used to have severe headaches for 3 days at a time. But, after prayer, her headache only lasted 1.5 days. So she believes that the Lord is beginning to heal her.

Several people prayed to receive the Holy Spirit. Rahul was excited as he prayed for a lady with arthritis and the stiffness and pain immediately left. Another lady who had pain and did not believe that God would heal her was amazed to be healed after prayer. A family brought their little boy for prayer due to a stuttering problem. We prayed for him and he was able to say the letter “K” without stuttering. Of course I told them to observe him for the week and see if there was a long term improvement. Another man who had been depressed came and was amazed how the Lord had set him free. He was so thankful to the Lord for the miracle.

Scripture of the Day:

21 Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”

22 Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”

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