December 8 – December 14, 2006 (Part I)

In the afternoon, the children came for tutoring. Those who came were: Amit, Sarika, Mahima, Ajit, Rustam, Afzal, Akhbar. We have been teaching the kids how to add. Most of them are getting it, but Mahima is having a difficult time. She doesn’t seem to be paying attention. She is generally slow in initially picking up things, but once she picks them up, then she runs with it. I hope that is the case here as well.

After tutoring was over, my sister and I went to a nearby hospital to visit a congregation member, Mr. Mehta, who had been admitted earlier that morning. The man had an 8mm kidney stone that had gotten stuck in somewhere between his kidney and his bladder that was causing a lot of pain. The doctors did an x-ray and admitted the man into the hospital predicting that they would need to operate the following morning. The man told the doctor that Jesus always takes care of him. The doctor asked, “Then where is your Jesus now?” The man responded in faith, “Jesus will do it.” We went to pray for the man in the hospital. The pain disappeared as we began to pray. The next morning when the doctor did the x-ray, the stone was no longer there. Jesus did it! Praise God!

While we were at the hospital, praying for Mr. Mehta, his mother told us about another miracle. A few weeks ago she had called and had us pray for her grand-daughter over the phone. The grand-daughter had had a severe allergic reaction to epilepsy medication and was in the hospital, not in very good condition. She had been very unresponsive. After we had prayed, she began to immediately recover quickly. Praise Jesus!

As we were returning home, my second-cousin Puneet called to share a testimony. He said that in his MBA college they were having a “Big Manager” competition. At the last minute he decided to participate and it was like God just gave him wisdom and direction. He ended up winning the competition!

In the evening Sapan Bhaiya called to tell me he didn’t understand what was happening to him, but he just wanted to express, “I love Jesus so much.” He was just feeling an immense love for his creator!

At night, one of the new young people who has started to attend the Delhi fellowship, Pawan, called. He has been having a difficult time. I have been encouraging him to pray for and receive the Holy Spirit, but he has been hesitant. He doesn’t think he is good enough. I have tried telling him that it is not about being “good enough.” Anyway, as we were praying over the phone in general, all of a sudden Pawan started weeping and praying in tongues! He was filled with the Holy Spirit!

Scripture of the Day:

He who does not love does not know God, for God is love. I John 4:8.

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