December 1 – December 7, 2006 (Part IV)

After the slum we went to the Priya marketplace. We didn’t have a mad rush of people coming like we had last week, but we had a pretty constant stream of young people coming for prayer. One boy came back a few minutes after prayer and asked, “When you prayed for me, I felt a power go through me. What was that?” As usual, people were healed from various aches and pains. A young girl, Shweta, came back for prayer. She testified that since we had prayed for her, her migraine headache problem was significantly better. She brought her friend for prayer.

For youth group Ankit, Rahul, Deep, Hemant, Akhilesh, and Pawan attended. We had a discussion on forgiveness. But, the weirdest thing happened. As we started our discussion a crowd gathered around us and began participating in the discussion. The only problem was that they were not quite understanding that we were talking about forgiveness, so they began having a heated debate on other topics. Eventually we just had to let them have their own discussion, while we had ours.

While we were having our discussion a young lady came by. We had been praying that she would get pregnant and she had. But then the doctors had told her the baby was not growing inside of her and had likely died. She refused to believe the doctor stating, “If Jesus gave me this baby, He will keep it.” She got prayer. Now she has a healthy baby growing inside of her.

As we were leaving the police began to hassle us a bit. I think they saw the heated debate and misconstrued it. We will have to pray and ask God to intervene.

Scripture of the Day:

For there are three that bear witness in Heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. I John 5:7.

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