December 1 – December 7, 2006 (Part III)

On Tuesday my sister and I went shopping to Janpath and Palika Bazaar. We had dinner out at The Imperial hotel, one of my favorite hotels in New Delhi. The reason I love the hotel is that it is very old and the architecture is beautiful.

When we got home, a man I do not know called me. He has been suffering from severe depression for over a month due to an extramarital affair gone sour. I spoke with him about Jesus and forgiveness. He asked me if he had to believe in Jesus before we prayed, because he said that he had grown up a Hindu and was not willing to give up his faith. I assured him that Jesus does not require blind faith. Jesus would show him His reality. As we began to pray over the phone, the man began to weep. Afterwards he told me he did not know why he was weeping as we prayed. I told him perhaps it was because God was forgiving him. Sometimes when we have done something wrong, and we go to someone and confess and the burden is lifted as they surprisingly forgive us, we cry.

On Wednesday again we had tuition. Jyoti, Sarika, Himanshu, and Mahima came. Mahima still is not able to add. Vikas, the boy who does not want to learn came also, but again he stubbornly refused to learn.

Suvineet came over for Bible study. The Lord has really been blessing him in his studies. He had an exam and a presentation and in both, to his own surprise, he received the highest score in the entire class.

We also had Christmas play practice. An unbelievable number of kids showed up. The kids from last week I guess spread the word as to how fun the drama was. From a bare-bones cast of just 8 characters, now we have close to 15-20 children. The kids are actually very good at picking up their parts. They get a little shy at times…but that is expected.

The man who had called for prayer on Tuesday regarding depression called again. He said, “I can’t believe there can be so much change in 1 day!” He said that his mind is virtually clear from the thoughts he was having before regarding this other person. He also said that the talk we had the previous day about forgiveness really went straight to his heart. He said he just wants to forgive everyone. He is no longer feeling vindictive. He said he wants to believe in Jesus. He used to be Hindu, but now just wants to know the truth, whatever that may be. He said at first he was thinking all of this change was just in his own head, but then he was talking to a friend over the phone and the friend said that there was just “positive energy” coming from this man!

Scripture of the Day:

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith. I John 5:4.

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