December 1 – December 7, 2006 (Part I)

In the evening, Sapan Bhaiya came for prayer. He was a little dejected because his work hasn’t been going as well as he would have hoped. But, he is continuing to have faith in the Lord. Just before Sapan Bhaiya came his wife called him and told him that the cylinder for the stove had run out and they needed a new one or else she would not be able to cook dinner. It was too late at night to arrange for a new cylinder, so Sapan Bhaiya had told her that he would arrange for a cylinder the next morning. As we were talking, Sapan Bhaiya casually said, “If Jesus arranges for a cylinder today, then I will know He is with me.” Sure enough, just as Sapan Bhaiya stepped out of our house after prayer, his wife called and told him not to worry about a gas cylinder, it had been arranged! Sapan Bhaiya also had us pray for his foot. Several weeks ago he had been in an accident. He had hurt his foot. It was swollen and in pain. We had prayed over the phone at the time and the pain had completely disappeared. But the swelling was persisting, so he had us pray for that too.

On Saturday we woke up early because we needed to run an errand at Chandni Chowk. On the way home we picked up Hemant and Deep. They spent the weekend with us. In the afternoon, a lawyer was over to discuss the land issue we are having with The Orphanage Project. He asked me why I had left my job in the US and what we are doing here in India. As I explained to him, Dad asked him if he wanted prayer for anything. The lawyer said he had had a paralytic attack in his face about two months ago. He was almost completely better now, but he had lingering pain in his head and his eye twitched. As we prayed for him, he was amazed to feel the pain leave his head and the eye twitching stopped!

At night I received a call from a lady we had been praying for about diabetes. She testified that she had just been checked and her blood sugar levels were completely normal both with and without fasting. Praise God!

Scripture of the Day:

By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. I John 4:13.

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