Christmas Eve

Friday was our first day of Christmas outreaches in the Faridabad slums.  We went to a slum that is less than five minutes away from our house by car.  As we got out of the car and gathered the children, we had no idea what we would say or do.  But, when I opened my mouth…God gave me the words to speak.  I asked the kids if they knew what Sunday, December 25 was.  They looked back at me with blank stares.  Finally one boy said, “Christmas.”  I asked the boy, “And what is Christmas?  Why do we celebrate Christmas?”  He shrugged his shoulders.  I asked the kids if they knew who Jesus was.  They all nodded, “No” in unison.  I told them, “Jesus is God and December 25 is the day we celebrate His birthday.  We have brought you all cookies in celebration of His birthday.”  The children’s’ eyes lit up.  But first, I told them we would teach them a song.  Then I would share a little story with them.  And then we would pass out the cookies.

So, we taught the kids an action song – meaning a song with a little dance that accompanies it.  The children loved it!  Then we shared our testimony, as the mothers and some passersby listened in.  Finally, we offered to pray for anyone who had a need, as we passed out the cookies.

Slowly different ones began coming forward for prayer…and God began to perform miracles.  We went to two different slum areas on Friday and saw the power of God move in amazing ways.  A few of the miracles that come to mind right now are:


  • * An old lady with arthritis in her knees couldn’t believe that the pain was gone
  • * Two men with terrible toothaches for several days were pain free after prayer
  • * An old man who had extremely weak eyesight was completely healed.  I kept asking him if he was sure he was completely healed.  He simply asked me, “Why would I lie to you?”
  • * After prayer a man who’s cornea seemed to veer to the side, almost moved to the completely to the center.  He said, “I definitely feel a difference.”
  • * A little child with a tummy ache was confused yet happy as the pain left
  • * Many other aches and pains and other problems were healed.

We passed out over 100 packets of glucose biscuits on Friday.  On Saturday, we passed out almost 200 packets of glucose biscuits.  (If you haven’t tried glucose biscuits, you must try them.  They are very yummy.)

On Saturday, in the morning, Suresh (the guy who applies henna in the market) brought a friend for prayer, Kiripal.  Mom shared the testimony with him.  Then we shared with him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  We prayed and he received the Holy Spirit.  He was so happy.  He has a lot of monetary issues in his life.  He had us pray that the Lord would help him get out of debt and heal his wife who is in the hospital.

Then in the afternoon, we went to two slum areas to pass out cookies.  At the first area, at first the people were hesitant to come forward for prayer.  We didn’t push them, and decided to leave.  But, then a couple showed up from another area of town.  They had heard about the miracles from the day before and had somehow tracked us down.  The wife had been sick for years.  As we prayed, she felt the power of God.  Upon seeing the power of God on this woman, others began coming forward for prayer.  As we were leaving, a cute little boy Ikraam told me that he was going to come to our house on Sunday for the prayer fellowship.  I asked him how many people he was going to bring with him.  He said, “At least ten to twelve.”

Also, as we were leaving that slum area, one of the men told us that many of the children do not go to school.  He asked us to help.  He wants us to help him to get those children into an orphan school by telling the people who run the orphan school that these children are orphans.  I told him we can’t do that.  But, we will try to do something.  Next week we will try to return to the slum and talk with the people and try to devise a game plan of how we can help.  Perhaps we will just start going there and holding classes for the children who don’t go to school ourselves.  We will have to wait for God’s guidance on this.  There may be up to 100 children in the slums in just that area that don’t go to school.

The second slum area we went to was quite large.  The children and even some of the adults happily sang and danced with us.  Everyone had a huge smile on their faces.  As we began to pray, the people just kept coming and coming and coming.  We saw many miracles again.  Mom prayed for and saw the Lord heal many people who had been experiencing pain in the arms for years.  I saw many vision problems healed.  It was awesome.

About an hour after we arrived home, four children from the last slum unexpectedly showed up at our door: Nahim, Golu, Gyanu, and Vinod.  They are all about thirteen years old.  Nahim had such poor vision that a person sitting five feet in front of him appeared blurry.  As we prayed, the Lord completely healed Nahim’s eyes.  Golu and Vinod both had family issues we prayed for.  As we prayed for Golu, although he was trying to be cool, he began to weep.  He felt the power of God.  We shared with the boys about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They began to pray and one by one they received the Holy Spirit.

In the evening we had a family Christmas party.  The highlight was when my little nephew Sukrit dressed up like Santa Claus and handed out gifts to all of the kids.  Sukrit is roly poly little kid.  He had brought his own Santa costume and during the party, every five minutes he would ask me, “Now is it time for Santa to come?”  Finally at 11:30 PM, he could wait no longer :o )

Scripture for the Day:
“Behold a virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.”  Matthew 1:23.

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