Back in Seattle

We arrived to discover that there was a special meeting at our home in the evening.  Heidi Baker’s assistant, Shara Pradhan, was coming to do a special meeting.  So, I couldn’t sleep.  Instead, we went out for lunch to our favorite Mexican restaurant, came home, took a bath and got ready.  The meeting was a time of prayer and really pressing in to the presence of God.  Many were in tears and feeling the presence of God.  Shara had some amazing testimonies to share of Mozambique and the surrounding areas and what God is doing there.  The Bakers have approximately 3000-4000 children that they are caring for in orphanages in Africa.  Most of the work they are doing has only been established in the last 10 years or so I believe.


I have put the church and all those whom we met in India in the Lord’s hands.  I am not there and cannot take care of them.  But, Jesus is with them.  He will keep and protect them.

To my surprise, on our first day back, I got four phone calls from India.  Two ladies we were praying for in India called for additional prayer.  In addition, Ajay and Judes called.  Judes is stepping out in faith.  He is going to be praying for a lady who is deaf and dumb.  We are believing the Lord will set her free.


The lady with cancer and another lady who has fibroids and cysts in her ovaries have been calling on a regular basis.  The lady with fibroids had some blood tests run recently.  The results were better than before…praise God!  We are praying that the Lord will completely heal her.

My goal for my time here in the US is to just rest and get re-connected with the Lord.  I want to spend “me time” with the Lord.  I want to prepare for Bible studies and lessons for when we get back to India.  I want to write an article or two.  I want to spend time with family and friends.  I don’t have plans for anything “great.”


These first few days, I am just working on my first goal.  I sleep a lot :o )  

Although we haven’t really told anyone that we are back yet, a few people have come to visit.  We have had a chance to pray with a few people.  Mom shared about the trip at her weekly Wednesday prayer meeting.

Scripture for the Day:

And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.  Genesis 2:2.

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