Back in India

The flight was pleasant.  I was able to lie down during both legs of the flight with one extra seat on the first leg of the flight and two extra seats on the second leg of the flight.  Praise God!  He takes such good care of us and our every need.

On the way from Seattle to Korea I sat next to a missionary to China.  He and his wife have been working in Mongolia and now China for about 5 years.  The husband had a pHd in veterinary medicine.  It was encouraging to hear how they are living by faith.  As we shared stories, I found that many of the things we are using in India, they are using in China.  For example, we both are using the Jesus movie and the Ten Commandments as a Bible teaching tool.

Our first day in India was good.  To my surprise, I have already started getting phone calls from people wanting prayer.  In a way, it was re-assuring…at least everyone has not forgotten us.  One young man, Sanjeev called.  He said he has been calling everyday for several weeks, but my phone has been switched off.  He was so happy to make contact.  We had prayed for him at the Priya marketplace, and the Lord has begun to change his life.  He wanted a Bible.  So, I told him we would meet him next Thursday and give him a Bible.

Another lady, Raminder called.  I have never met her, but she had had us pray over the phone for us regarding family issues.  She said that after prayer, there was a marked difference.  She called for more prayer.

The neighbor with poor eyesight also came over.  He said he had been making rounds of our home every day in hopes that we would return early.  We prayed for him and he felt a difference in his eyes.

Scripture for the Day:
And He said to them all, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”  Luke 9:23.

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