All I Need is Jesus

At night, Mom and Dad went to mom’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding.  It was a good opportunity for Mom to visit with her side of the family, many of whom she hadn’t seen in years.  She said that one of her cousins had only been a year old when Mom had last met her.  Now she was married with children.  But, the weather has suddenly gotten very cold.  So, Mom said she froze at the outdoor wedding.

Just as I was getting ready for bed, the neighbor who has a vision problem came for prayer.  Even as I was just sharing with him and his daughter about the Lord, the man felt like God was touching his eyes.  We prayed, and he felt them clear up completely.  I just hope this time the healing remains.

On Tuesday, we went to look at some land for the orphanage.  Although the land was only 25 kilometers away from our home, it took approximately one hour to reach there.   The roads leading to the land are dirt roads.  As we were looking around, and just as we decided it was too remote a location, a woman and a few men came up to our car.  They told us that the land was theirs and they were not selling.  They said that their uncle was trying to sell the land out from under them, but they would not budge and we would have to take possession of the land “over [their] dead bodies.”  We assured them we were not interested in the land.  As we were talking to them, slowly a small crowd gathered, ready to fight if necessary.  Needless to say, we got out of there as soon as possible.  Please pray that God will lead us to the right land.

That evening, Preetam (the young man who had come a few weeks ago with Suresh, the guy who applies henna in the market) dropped by with Suresh’s brother Raghuveer.  I was surprised to see Preetam all smiles.  He was so excited.  He began telling me how Jesus had changed his life.  He said, “I don’t know why, but I am finding that I love everyone.  I even love people that I would never have imagined I could have loved.”  He also said that people were liking him and responding positively towards him.  He said that everyone he encountered would tell him that he was very patient and kind.  Preetam was extremely happy, which was quite a change from the young man I had met a few weeks ago who had told me that at times he felt like life was not worth living.  Preetam also told me that on December 3rd, he decided to test the reality of Jesus.  He prayed, “Jesus, today I want to know if You are real.  If You really answer prayer.”  Preetam had no work for the next day.  So, he prayed, “Jesus, if You are real than You have to get me work tomorrow.”  Preetam said he prayed for nearly half an hour before going to bed.  In the morning he was awakened by a banging on the door.  Someone needed him to apply bridal mehndi (henna).  He was excited that Jesus had heard his prayer.  At 4:00 PM another job came to him to apply mehndi on another bride.  Then at 7:00 PM, he got another bridal assignment.  Preetam had asked for one assignment and got three.  And they weren’t just ordinary assignments, but bridal assignments, which are the most lucrative.  Preetam told Raghuveer, “All I need is Jesus.  All you need is Jesus.  Stone idols have no power.  They can’t give you anything.  Jesus is all we need.”

Afterwards we shared with Raghuveer and prayed with him for an alcohol problem.  He also received the Holy Spirit.  Then Preetam insisted that we show them the second half of the Jesus movie.  Preetam said it was important for Raghuveer to have an idea of what Jesus looked like so that when Jesus appears to Raghuveer, Raghuveer will recognize him.  Then Preetam told us that Jesus had appeared to him in a dream or vision.

Scripture for the Day:
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.  Ezekiel 36:26.

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