About the Founder

sungeeta jainSungeeta Jain is of Indian heritage, but was born and raised in the United States of America.

On June 14, 1986, Sungeeta and her family were in a devastating car accident that left Sungeeta confined to a wheelchair. At the age of ten, Sungeeta had to relearn how to live her life, from putting on her socks, to moving about using a wheelchair. At the same time, she learned how to set goals and strive to achieve them. She learned how to never give up. She learned how to believe in herself. She learned how to trust in God.

Just months after the accident, Sungeeta began the sixth grade. Determined not to let her disability hinder her, she became Student Body President, won various awards, and took part in the school play, all while remaining at the top of her class. Since then, she has continued to concentrate on what she can do rather than on what she can’t do, trusting that God will make all things possible.

Among her many accomplishments and the many blessings of God in her life, Sungeeta won the title of Miss Teen of Washington in 1993, becoming the first person in the world in a wheelchair to win a pageant against other girls who were not in a wheelchair. She was also third runner up in the Miss Teen of America Pageant.

In 1997, Sungeeta graduated from a top engineering college in the US with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. As an engineering student, she worked as an intern at the world’s foremost aerospace company, The Boeing Company. She then went on to get a Juris Doctor degree in Law. Out of college she worked as a law clerk to two federal judges. Sungeeta then began her ascent up the partnership ladder as an associate at Perkins Coie, a premier law firm in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Ever since she was a little girl, Sungeeta dreamed of opening an orphanage and school in India. But she had always thought the dream was still 5-10 years in the future. In August 2005, after saving up her earnings over the past few years, she was able to take the first step in making that dream a reality. She began the process of purchasing approximately 9 acres of land approximately 40 kilometers away from the heart of New Delhi.

Then on September 16, 2005, based on the undeniable call of God, Sungeeta took a major step towards making her dream a reality. She gave notice at her job and made the decision to move to India for a year in order to start The Orphanage Project.