A Visit With Mom’s Cousins

Today was a busy day.  First Amit, Sarika and Mahima came over for tuition early in the morning.  They had skipped school again today.  Then the other kids, Amit, Jagan, Harish, Pooja, Raju and Arun came for tuition.  The problem with the children is that they are very irregular in coming to tutoring.  And half of the time, they do not bring their books with them.  If they would only come regularly, they are very intelligent and have the potential to do well in school.  Please do pray for them.

In the afternoon, Jyoti, Sanjeevani and Pradeep came over.  Jyoti is a young woman who came to the Lord several years ago from a Hindu family.  She had actually come to our house with a neighbor of hers.  They had come to visit us on their way to a Radha temple.  The neighbor had cancer.  But, the Lord had touched Jyoti.  She had come back a few days later to receive the Holy Spirit, and has not looked back ever since.  Many have come to know the Lord through her testimony, since then.  We had an awesome time of fellowship together.

Then, after they left, Suvneet came over for Bible study.  It is fun to see the excitement in Suvneet.  The Lord has really been using him.

Scripture for the Day:
8 Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” 9 And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked.  John 5:8-9.

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