A Future With Hope

Mom began a weekly prayer meeting with my cousin’s wife, Babli Bhabhi (Shikha’s mother-in-law).  I think they will meet every Monday for prayer and a short Bible study.  Babli Bhabhi had been filled with the Holy Spirit many years ago (I think the first time we came to India after we began believing), but had not been praying in the Spirit.  They prayed together and she was greatly touched by the Lord.

On Monday, for some reason I was exhausted.  And I guess you could hear it in my voice because everyone I talked to on the phone asked me, “What is wrong?  Are you okay?”  And I had to explain, “I am fine.  Just a bit tired.”  Actually, on Sunday night I was talking to a Pastor on the phone.  He was asking me one question and I was answering a totally different question.  My mind was just not working :o )

Dad went back to Chennai today.  He will be back on Friday.  He has begun construction on a new factory in Faridabad, so he has been busy with that.   

Today, as usual we went to the slum in New Delhi.  This time people didn’t ignore us.  Instead, we had a small crowd of little girls all around.  The children really enjoy learning the worship songs, especially the ones with actions.  I have taught them one where they get to jump up and down and twirl around.  That is their favorite.  But, at the same time, I keep impressing upon them that they are not just singing songs.  They are worshiping the Lord.  So, they need to think about the words they are singing.  One of the songs we sing uses the word “Hallelujah.”  Finally the kids are beginning to remember what Hallelujah means.

After the worship service and a short testimony I shared with the kids, we began to pray for the sick.  Some of the ladies we had prayed for last time came back.  They said that they had felt a marked difference in their health, but wanted the Lord to complete the miracle He started.  For example, one lady had come the previous week with chest and back pain.  She said it was almost one hundred percent gone.  Praise God!

As we were leaving, the little children made me promise we would return next week.

In the evening I started to feel sick.  I am not sure what it is.  Perhaps it is something I ate.

Scripture for the Day:
I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.  Jeremiah 29:11.

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