A Different Visit to the Priya Marketplace

Once we arrived in Vasant Vihar, we went to The Grand hotel.  There in the restroom, the maid recognized us.  She said, “You came here before too, right?”  Mom said, “Yes.”  Then mom began to tell her how we come to pray.  Mom asked the maid if she wanted prayer for anything.  She told us that she has chronic excruciating pain in her chest.  As we prayed, to her amazement, the pain completely left!

Then, a young man named Nirmal came to see us.  We met Nirmal for the first time a few weeks ago at Priya.   He had come up to me and said he had a slipped disc problem for three years and wanted prayer, although he didn’t believe the pain could really be healed.  After prayer, when the pain was gone, he asked me to pray for his mind, that it would be able to accept that the pain was actually gone.  He couldn’t believe what had happened.    A week or two later, he called again and said that although he was much better, a little bit of pain had returned.  So, he wanted to come for prayer again.  He came and I asked Puneet to pray for him and he was again completely pain free.  I gave him a copy of our testimony and the story of Jesus.  Then, Nirmal came one more time for prayer, at which time I gave him a copy of “What must I do to be saved?”  Now, we were meeting one on one.  He shared about his life with us.  We shared about ourselves.  In the end, he prayed to receive the Holy Spirit.  The power of God was so strong on him that he could barely sit up.  He was pretty excited.  But, he is a strong Hare Rama Hare Krishna devotee, so he was a little confused as to what his faith will be.  We didn’t pressure him, but told him that the decision is his.

Then, another friend of mine, Amit, who is visiting his family from Bangalore, stopped by and visited us for a few minutes.  We sat and talked awhile, catching up on the latest goings on in each others lives.

After that we went to the Priya marketplace to meet a few people who had called us asking for a special meeting.  First we prayed with a young man named, Shubh Kumar, who had a personal issue he wanted prayer for.  He testified that last time he had had mom pray for him that he would stop smoking and from that day onwards, he had not touched a cigarette.  An elder man watched as we prayed for Shubh.  He gained the courage to approach us.  He reminded us that we had prayed for a chronic stomach ailment he had had a few weeks ago.  He said that he had been completely healed of that.  But, now he was having a sharp shooting pain in his back and down one leg.  We prayed for that and the Lord healed that as well. 

Then we met a young man name Raja who is a Hindu convert.  He has stopped going to church however.  As we were talking to him, a few of the children spotted us and came for prayer.  The Lord healed them.  Shubh Kumar brought a couple more people for prayer as well.  We prayed for them and the Lord healed them of their ailments as well.

Before a crowd could gather, we rushed home.  On the way home, the little boy Mohin called.  He is the one with the lump in his neck.  We prayed over the phone and he felt a difference in the size of the lump.

In the evening, Mom went to the house of a relative of a relative.  There she had a chance to testify to them a bit and pray for an elderly lady with pain in her legs and feet.  The lady felt a relief in the pain.  So, they have asked mom to come back to pray again.

Today was a relatively relaxing days.  We need those once in a while.  Mom went to pray for the elderly lady with the leg pain.  The lady felt better after prayer.  Mom and Dad also went to visit a cousin of mine who has been diagnosed with kidney failure. 

The kids came for tuition.  We spent time learning the vowel sounds, so that they can begin to read three letter words.

I got a call from Dr. Seema (the lady with cancer whose home we went to for prayer a few months back).  She was experiencing extreme pain in her arm for days.  She couldn’t raise her.  Her side was also swollen.  She was getting concerned whether the cancer had returned or not.  However, as we prayed over the phone, the pain complete left, as she felt a relief from the swelling.  Dr. Seema also testified and told me that a young girl, Farah, whom she had had call us for prayer for healing from cancer had felt the power of God when we had called her and had begun to recover from that day onwards.  Even the doctors were surprised at her recovery.  Praise God!

Scripture for the Day:
Thus says the Lord of hosts: Behold, I will save My people from the land of the east and from the land of the west.  Zechariah 8:7.

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