A Busy Sunday

At The Cross Church, I shared a message of the power of God, along with our testimony.  Many people who had read the testimony in the newspaper came to hear.  Afterwards, we prayed for the sick.  Mom prayed for those who needed the baptism of the Holy Spirit, while I laid hands on those with other needs.  The Lord moved.  Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues.  There were also amazing healings that took place.  A lady with a goiter (due to a thyroid problem) felt the power of the Lord flow through her and she was able to swallow without obstruction.  A girl with throat pain due to an infection was shocked as the pain immediately left after prayer.  Many of the elderly were able to move their joints as the stiffness and pain from arthritis left after prayer.  A little girl suffering from asthma and wheezing felt her lungs clear and she could breathe properly.  A lady with spondylitis felt the pain completely leave her neck. 

My favorite miracle however, was a little boy who was wearing glasses.  I had earlier prayed for a little girl with glasses, but we hadn’t seen much improvement.  She said she could see a bit better, but it wasn’t a significant improvement.  I was disappointed, but put it in the Lord’s hands.  So when this little boy came to me to ask for prayer for his eyes, I really didn’t have faith that anything would happen.  The boy told me that he was extremely nearsighted and had double vision.  There was a closet about 10 feet away from where we were standing.  I asked him if he could tell me what was inside.  He said it was too fuzzy.  So, I told him to remove his glasses.  We prayed.  Out of habit, I asked him if there was any difference.  The boy said there was some difference.  I was skeptical, but asked the boy to close his eyes again.  We prayed again.  I asked him if there was any difference.  He smiled big and told me he could see perfectly well.  Honestly I didn’t believe him.  So, I asked him if he was sure.  He said he was positive.  But, I asked him to close his eyes again.  Again, I prayed.  Again I asked him if there was a difference.  His reply was the same, “I can see perfectly.”  Still skeptical, I asked him if he could tell me what was inside the closest.  He began to describe everything in detail.  Praise the Lord!  After that the boy didn’t put his glasses on again.  He went to my mom and had her pray and was filled with the Holy Spirit.   

The second meeting for the day was at Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.  Jesus Calls is the ministry run my Pastor/Evangelist DGS Dinakaran (sometimes referred to as the Benny Hinn of India).  They were having a youth meeting.  Because they only learned that we would be coming at the last minute, they already had a main speaker, but invited us to share our testimony and a short message for fifteen minutes.  When we first arrived, my contact person wasn’t there and the other people didn’t seem to know we were coming.  Then, they found my name on a list somewhere, but said that I would only have five minutes to share.  We told them that five minutes would be too little time to share anything of significance and that I had been promised 15 minutes.  But, when my contact, the head of the youth for Dinakaran’s ministry arrived, all of the confusion was cleared up.  I shared the testimony and then had to leave for the final meeting, while the main speaker shared his message.  As we were leaving, a man who had come to the morning meeting followed us out.  He had brought his son for prayer.  His son had a brain tumor and although he has successfully been operated on for that, there are still some issues remaining and a spot on his brain that the doctors are unsure of.  We prayed and he felt the power of God.  Then we prayed and he received the Holy Spirit.  Then two elderly ladies asked us to pray for them as well regarding some family and financial issues.  Then just as we were leaving, I met a family who used to run the orphanage that Iris Ministries (Heidi Baker’s ministry) had established in Chennai.  However, due to some reasons, the work has been dismantled.  However, they seemed kind and perhaps will be able to advise me as to how to start our work.

Our final meeting was near Anna Nagar.  The meeting was arranged by the relative of someone we met in Dallas when we were ministering there this past fall.  It was an Intercollegiate Youth Meeting for the most part, but some adults were also in attendance.  I shared about the power of God.  Then we prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, followed by an impartation of power.  Many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  And a few even felt the power of God so strong when we prayed for an impartation that they were slain in the Spirit.

I heard about 30 kids came for the Sunday service back in Faridabad.  They showed the first half of the Jesus movie.  I was told the kids enjoyed it.

Scripture for the Day:
For you are my lamp, O Lord; The Lord shall enlighten my darkness.  II Samuel 22:29.

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